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Exam Prep Package (with Rental Books)


Exam Prep Package: (With Rental Books)

This package is designed to give the student an all-inclusive offering of our Acclaimed Learning Program with Exam Reference Books and Tab Sets, at a bundled and discounted price. It includes a Rental Book Set which must be returned to our school within 4 months of the (purchase and or rental) date. To view the Rental Book Set (Deposit) Refund & Rental Agreement, Click Here.

Save $1,600
Learning Program (All Ten Modules) $1,225
Rental Book Set (Rental Fee)     $225
Rental Book Set (Deposit)  $1,150 
   Exam Prep Package (With Rental Books)  $2,600
Learning Program Discount   ($450)
   Buy Exam Prep Package (With Rental Books)  $2,150 
Refund On Rental Book Set Return ($1,150)
   Adjusted Student Cost  $1,000

 Rental Books are in limited supply. Please call for availability before ordering. (888) 405-7849      

Price: $2,150.00