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Steps To Success


The Florida State Contractors Examination is an open book test utilizing many State-specified "Exam Reference Books". The information covered on the exam is not difficult, but there is a lot of it. There are over 8,000 pages in these books that questions can be pulled from and the exam is timed. In order to pass, you need to understand the material currently being covered on the exam and be able to quickly and accurately locate information from your reference books.

Step One:

Prepare and organize your tools. Your "Exam Reference Books" are the tools for you to work with on exam day and you need to get them prepared & ready for the job. Our narrated "Exam Review & Highlighting Guide" Videos walk you through each of these books reviewing the concepts currently being covered on the exam and explaining the problem solving techniques you must master to solve the math problems on your test. These lectures also pinpoint "Answer Passages” to highlight, “Key Words” to underline, and “Critical Pages” to tab for quick location. You may review these videos by book, in the convenience of your own home or office, at your own pace, as your schedule permits. You can also go back and review these videos as often as needed to master the material. Your familiarity and knowledge of your exam reference books is the key to passing your exam.

Step Two:

Practice using your tools. The next step is to practice working with your reference books, finding correct answers and solving problems. Because our entire staff reviews the Florida State Exam continuously, our interactive "Study Questions" are very similar to the questions you will see on your exam.  Each question in our learning program is accompanied by a “detailed explanation” and/or "solution presentation". These features will ensure that you learn how to work through each problem and find the correct answer to each and every question. In the event that you do not fully understand any material, you are encouraged to call us at your convenience and one of our instructors will be happy to explain the problem and personally walk you through the solution.

Step Three:

Develop speed and efficiency. Time is of the essence on exam day, and our "Flash Card” Review is designed to help you develop and hone your search procedures so you will be able to locate the correct answers quickly and efficiently. The front of each card displays a “Hint Button” that, if needed, will tell you which key words you can use to search the index, table of contents, or quick location tabs to find the answer page quickly. The back of each card will show you the exact page number and explanation for your review. This component of the learning program will gage your speed and accuracy for each area of the exam and sharpen your ability to navigate the reference books.

Step Four:

Prove you are ready for the job. You can test yourself in the convenience of your own home or office at any time with our randomly-generated "Practice Exams". A typical exam will be created using the same content criteria that is used for the State Exam.  The program tracks the amount of time you spend on each question and your level of accuracy for each content area. At the end of the exam you will be able to view a “Student Performance Assessment” showing you where your areas of weakness are for further study.  When you launch another practice exam, our random-generation technology will compile a new set of exam questions to broaden your exposure to the various types of questions you will be asked during the real exam.  We graph all your exam scores so that you can see your level of proficiency increase as you study. Students should not schedule the real exam until they are consistanly earning a score of 80% to 90% on their prectice exams.

Step Five:

"Pay Day". Pass your exams with ease and confidence; then get your license and start earning those big checks! There is tons of work out there and not nearly enough good contractors to go around, so start getting your piece of the pie. Take the initiative to get on the road to licensure today!  With ContractorClasses.com you will pass. Your Success is Guaranteed!