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Contractors Classes Program

Florida State Contractor's Exam

Florida Contractors License


What are the Formats of the Learning Program?

Online Learning Program Format:

Exam Review & Highlighting Videos: These modules teach the concepts currently being covered on the exam and explain the problem solving techniques that you must master to do the math problems on your test. These Presentations also pinpoint "Answer Passages" to highlight, "Key Words" to underline, and "Critical Pages" to tab for quick location. These are the same exact lectures that we offer in a classroom environment but may be viewed on a computer or mobile device. This allows you to learn at your own pace and fast-forward, pause, stop, or replay any section to ensure that you fully understand the required material. You are also not burdened with the time & expense of travel costs but may learn in the convenience of your own home or office and as your schedule permits. This format proves to be the first choice of the "Working Professional".

Interactive Study Questions: These modules are comprised of our extensive database of exam questions. rendered as an interactive, computer based,  learning tool. This gives you instantaneous feedback on each question along with detailed explanations and/or "Narrated Solution Presentations". These explanations and presentations will ensure that you learn how to work through each problem and find the answer to each and every question. In the event that you do not fully understand any material, you are encouraged to call us at your convenience; one of our instructors will be happy to review or explain any items and tutor you personally on the subject.

Flash Card Review: Time is of the essence on exam day and our "Flash Card" review is designed to help you develop and hone your search procedures to locate the correct answer pages quickly and efficiently.

Randomly-Generated Practice Exams: You can test yourself in the convenience of your own home or office with this highly acclaimed program. A typical exam will be randomly-generated using the same content criteria that is the State uses to generate the Florida Contractors Exam. Our tracking system provides a "Student Performance Assessment" upon completion that assesses your skill based on time and accuracy.

The performance assessment will list all questions answered incorrectly and provide a detailed explanation on how to derive the correct answers. This evaluation will also compare your "average time spent per question" against the "maximum time permitted" and graph your individual score broken down by Exam Content Categories. This information allows you to quickly pinpoint and isolate any area of weakness for review.

You can take multiple practice exams to chart your progress. A new set of typical exam questions will be randomly-generated each and every time you launch an exam. This state-of-the-art program is an Invaluable Tool, ensuring that our students are not only proficient in each category of exam content, but also "Up-To-Speed-To-Succeed," on exam day.

Classroom Learning Program Format:

Exam Review Lectures: Our instructors are seasoned professionals and review the Contractor Exam on a continuous basis. Classes are given in a College Lecture setting with information presented utilizing graphics, animations and multimedia exhibits, similar to our on-line learning format. The course teaches the concepts currently being covered on the exam and explains the problem solving techniques needed to do the math problems on your test. Class size is limited and students have the opportunity to ask questions after class. 

Study Questions: Students are supplied with a printed handout of study questions which will be very similar to the questions they will see on exam day. Included is an answer key and explanation for deriving correct answers.

Practice Exam: A practice exam will be administered in class, which will be in the same content criteria as the State exam. The exam will be reviewed by the instructor and the student may grade themselves and evaluate their readiness.

What if I do not understand the material or I have questions?

The information in our course is presented in a manner that makes it very easy to learn and understand, with built-in features to customize your learning experience. However, in the event that you do not fully understand any material, you are welcome to contact us at any time. Our friendly staff will be happy to review or explain any information and tutor you personally on the subject in question.

What is the time limit to complete the program?

We support every student and allow access to our (Learning Program) by the original purchaser for six months from the date of order. This timeline corresponds with the typical time blocks the State uses to specify Exam Reference Books. Students should NOT buy books or learning material if they are not able to prepare for and complete their exams in the near future or definitely within the State's six month time frame. The book versions change and the information on the exams change.

Can I share the use of the program or transfer access to someone else?

No. The purchase of our program or learning modules is restricted and authorized for the individual who purchased the program only. Course access is not to be shared and is not transferable.

Are students given unlimited access to the course modules?

Of course not. Our program is the most effective and sought after learning program available. In reviewing tens of thousands of previous students we find that each course module is typically opened one or two times. We do not allow sharing of student accounts and for piracy protection reasons the system restricts users to a total of five openings per module. Students should not buy our program if they need or desire additional access than this amount. Unlimited or unrestricted access is never granted to any user, for any portion of our learning program.

Do you have a recent list of referrals or any student testimonials?

We have thousands of positive references from many satisfied licensed contractors. Click the link below to see what our students have to say about our "Learning Program".

Click To View Recent List of Referrals

How long will it take to receive my order?

We maintain one of the largest investments of book inventories on the shelf and ready to ship, to give you the lowest possible price for the current Exam Reference Books. This allows us to process orders daily and our standard UPS Ground shipments are generally delivered "Next Day" to most locations in Florida.

Do you have a syllabus for this course?

You may view a Syllabus by clicking the following link.

Click To View Syllabus

Should I save time by having someone else (office staff, spouse, etc.) highlight my books for me?

If you were going to highlight simple page headings, such as "Chapter 2" and "Glossary", or irrelevant and outdated information, then there would be no value in personally highlighting your books, and it would be very appropriate to have someone else perform this task for you.

However, our "Exam Review & Highlighting Videos" pinpoint critical answer passages and topics currently emphasized on the exam. The student correspondingly reads these passages, physically highlights these passages, and hears this information read and explained to them. This extremely effective strategy combines "Visual", "Tactile", and "Auditory" styles of learning.

Personally going through this review ensures that the student will be able to quickly locate and understand these answers, as opposed to trying to find and read this information for the very first time on exam day.

What is Contractor Classes student pass rate?

Our most recent polling reports that 95.91% of our students passed their exams on the first attempt.


When and where is the Florida Contractors Exam offered?

Exams are taken on computer at Pearson Vue testing centers (with the exception of Plumbing Trade Knowledge)
After registering, students contact Pearson Vue to make an appointment to take their exams at a location and on a date/time convenient for them.

What is the Florida Contractors Exam Like?

Florida State Contractors must pass two examinations with a minimum score of 70%.

Business & Finance Exam: This is an "Open Book Test" with 120 graded multiple choice questions which must be completed in 6 ½ hours. It is offered on computer, at over a thousand Pearson Vue testing centers across the country. A key advantage to our computer-based "Learning Program" is that our students train and practice with the exact same computer testing interface as the real exam, which ensures their familiarity, confidence and success on exam day.

Trade Knowledge Exam: This is also an "Open Book Test", offered on computer at Pearson Vue testing centers. The number of questions and allowed time will vary depending upon the trade exam selected.

The exam reference books are listed here: EXAM BOOK LIST

You may view the following informational videos to learn more about the Florida Contractor’s Exam, How to Prepare, and Test Taking Tips for Exam day.

    (1)   Florida Contractor Examination Information

    (2)   How to Prepare for Your Exam

    (3)   Test Taking Tips for Exam Day

More information can also be found at the following links:

FL State Reference: Exam Candidate Information

If I fail to pass one section of the examination, do I have to retake all parts?

No. You are only required to retake sections which were not passed. However, a candidate must pass all sections within four years of the first attempt.

How often does the content on the State exam change and how often is your material updated?

The content of the Florida Contractors exam is in a continual state of change. Each and every examination has 5 new questions called "Pilot Questions". The emphasis and content of the exam today is totally different than it was six months ago.

If we were using the antiquated method of writing, publishing, printing and stocking workbooks for our students it would be almost impossible to keep up with these changes. It would also be wasteful to simply throw all this stock away and generate new stock as changes were made on the test. This is one of the key reasons why we chose to develop computer-based-training.

The ease of Updating our Online Learning Program is a built-in advantage of dynamic computer engineering. This allows us to effortlessly modify our content on a continual basis and keep abreast of the examination changes. This guarantees our students the highest probability of success and saves them from studying a barrage of unrelated subjects and outdated material.

How often does the State update the books required for the exam?

The State normally specifies the books required for the exam in six month increments. However the required book list is modified at will by the State to accommodate changes in reference book versions and/or version availability. Students should NOT buy books or learning material if they are not able to prepare for and complete their exams in the near future or definitely within the State's six month time frame. The book versions change and the information on the exams change.

Student refunds for current reference books or tabs (returned in resalable like-new condition) will be granted for 30 days from time of purchase and incur a 5% restocking fee.

To View Florida’s List of Required Exam Reference Books: Click Here

How do I register to take the Florida Contactors Exam?

You may register Online at the "Professional Testing, Inc." website by clicking the following link: Register for Exam On-Line


How long do I have after I pass the exams to apply for my license?

You must apply within four years. After four years from the first exam you must re-apply to take the examinations again.

What are the residency requirements for the Florida Contractor’s License?

You do not need to be a resident of Florida and your experience does not have to be in the State of Florida.

What Contractor categories require State registration or certification?

The following categories require licensure by registration or certification: General/Tower; Building; Residential; Sheet Metal; Roofing; Air-conditioning; Mechanical; Swimming Pool/Spa; Plumbing; Electrical; Underground Utility and Excavation; Solar; and Pollutant Storage. The following link describes the scope of work that can be performed by these various licensees. Licensure Category Descriptions

What is the difference between a "Certified" and "Registered" license?

A State "Certified" license can be used throughout the State of Florida. A "Registered" license is issued by each specific County. Other Counties in Florida may or may not recognize reciprocity and allow you to do business in their jurisdiction. Since very similar experience, testing requirements, cost and effort are needed to obtain either type of license, we only recommend pursuing State "Certified" licensure.

What is the difference in the scope of work for Residential, Builder and General Contractors Licensees?

  • Residential Contractor: is limited to construction, remodeling, repair or improvement of one-family, two-family, or three-family residences which are not more than 2 stories in height.
  • Building Contractor: is limited to construction, remodeling, repair or improvement of commercial buildings and single-dwelling or multiple-dwelling residential buildings. These buildings cannot exceed 3 stories in height.
  • General Contractor: is unlimited as to the type of work which he or she may do.

For more information see Florida Statutes: 489.113

What are the requirements to obtain a State Contractors License?

  • Successful completion of the Florida Certified Contractor's Examinations.
  • Four years of experience in the license category for you are applying, of which ONE YEAR must be supervisory experience. You may also substitute up to three years of college credit hours for the experience, and these college credits are NOT required to be construction related.
  • Proof of Workers' Compensation (or an exemption), Liability, and Property Damage Insurance.
  • A credit report along with proof of satisfaction of liens and judgments (if any), and proper financial stability.

More information can also be found at the following links:

-FL Statutes: 489.111
-FL Administrative Code: Chapter 61G4
-FL Construction Industry Licensing Board: Website.

For answers to any specific questions, you are encouraged to call the "FL Construction Industry Licensing Board" at (850) 487-1395. This is the office of authority.

How can I upgrade my license?

A Certified Residential Contractor with (3) years active experience may upgrade to a Building Contractor's License, but must pass the Trade Knowledge portion of the Building Contractor's Exam.

A Certified Residential Contractor with (4) years active experience may upgrade to a General Contractor's License, but must pass Trade Knowledge portion of the General Contractor's Exam.

A Certified Building Contractor with (4) years active experience may upgrade to a General Contractor's License, but must pass the Trade Knowledge portion of the General Contractor's Exam.

More information can also be found at the following link:

-FL Statutes: 489.111

How do I activate my license after I pass the test?

After passing the exam your scores are automatically forwarded to the State of Florida. You will however, need to submit a completed license application from to the "Department of Business and Professional Regulation." You may download this form from the following link: Initial Issuance of Licensure Package

A credit report must also be submitted with your application and you may view a list of Credit Reporting Agencies accepted by the Florida Construction Industry Board from the following link: Acceptable Credit Reporting Agencies

Most students who are not involved in active projects will elect to apply for and secure their license in an "Inactive" status to secure the license without using it. Prior to starting a project or applying for a permit, the contractor will need to purchase Liability Insurance and Worker's Compensation Insurance and take the required Continuing Education courses, and then apply to "Activate" their license using the form at the following link: Change of Status from Inactive to Active