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Program Comparison Chart ContractorClasses.com On-Line Learning Program Typical On-Line Learning Program Typical In-Class Learning Program

Total Cost of Program

$500 - $600
(No Hidden Fees)
$495 - $1,345
(+ Hidden Fees)
$700 - $2,500
(+ Travel Expenses)

Exam Review & Highlighting Videos

  • Includes Narrated Presentations Explaining All Material
  • Displays Answer Passages On-screen for Convenience
  • Viewable at Student's Pace & as Often as Needed



Interactive Study Questions

  • Immediate Feedback per Question
  • Detailed Outline of Steps to Locate Correct Answer
  • Displays Complete Explanation, Answer Passage & Page #
  • Includes Solution Presentations to Solve Complex Problems

ANSWER KEY with Limited Explanations

ANSWER KEY with Limited Explanations

Flash Card Review

  • Displays "Hint" Showing Student Key Words to Look-up
  • Increases Speed and Accuracy in Answering Exam Questions
  • Shows Student Areas of Weakness for Further Review

Randomly-Generated Practice Exams

  • Matches Pearson Vue Testing Interface (Just Like Real Exam)
  • Produces a "New" Batch of Questions for each Exam (5 Total)
  • Performance Assessment Indicates Areas of Weakness
  • Tracking & Evaluation Based on Speed & Accuracy

1 to 2 Mock Exams with Answer Keys & No Tracking

1 to 2 Mock Exams with Answer Keys & No Tracking

In-Class Lectures & Exams

  • Reviews the Same Material that can be Studied at Home
  • Many Hours Spent on Mock Exams that can be Done at Home
  • No Customization or Performance Tracking Included

NOT NEEDED (But Optional if Desired)

Highly Recommended (2-5 Days)

Mandatory (5 Days - 6 Weeks)

NEW Book Packages & Tab Sets

  • Prices (Right) are for Identical Book Packages for General, Builder, Residential & Roofing Books (We Sell at Cost)
  • Our Books are In-Stock and Ready to Ship Same Day
  • Our Tab Sets are Color-Coded & Pinpoint the Most Common Exam Answers NOT Simple Chapter Headings
$875 - $1,085

(Large-Volume Ordering for Lower Cost)
$975 - $1,535

(Piecemeal Ordering from Publishers)
$975 - $1,535

(Piecemeal Ordering from Publishers)

RENTAL Book Packages & Tab Sets

  • Prices (Right) are for Full Course Cost of General, Builder, Residential Programs after Refund of Deposit (We Rent for Less)
  • Call for Current Availability of Rental Books
  • Rental Books Do NOT Save Time! Highlighting Review is Still Required for YOU to be "Exam Ready", Not Just Your Books!!!

$950 with Refund of Deposit

$975 with Refund of Deposit

No Rental Books Available

Live Demos & Student References

  • We Offer a TRUE DEMO of Our Learning Program so You Can See EXACTLY what You Get before You Purchase.
  • Screenshots and Video Presentations are NOT Demos.
  • We Have THOUSANDS of Positive References from Former Students and You are Free to Contact Them.

(Demo Access of Full Learning Program)

(Screenshots & Mock Presentations)

(Demos for Workbooks You Don't Need)

Additional Contractor Classes Advantages

  • Over 100 Feature-Rich Learning Modules
  • Video Lectures & Solution Presenatations
  • Over 1,500 Genuine Exam Questions from Continuous Test-Taking Experience
  • Randomly Generated Practice Exams for Each Contracting Category
  • Mirrored Exam Interfacing (Just Like Pearson Vue's)
  • Toll-Free Instructor Support & Staff Assistance
  • Exclusive Color-Coded Tabbing System
  • Best Value for Contractor's Exam Reference Books (New or Rental)
  • Professionally Packaged Books are In-stock & Ready to Ship
  • Same Day Shipping on Most Orders
  • Optional Classroom Instruction Available
  • Advanced Training Technology also includes:

    • Exam Study Tips
    • Personalized Study Coach
    • Easy-to-Use To-Do List to Keep You on Track
    • Built-In Glossary of Exam Terms
    • Progress Meter
    • Graphed Practice Exam Results to Chart Your Improvement
    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    • Over 95% Pass Rate on First Attempt