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Residential Contractor License Exam

Exam Information:

In the State of Florida certified Residential contractors must pass a Business & Finance exam plus two Trade Knowledge examinations with a minimum score of (70%) each. These tests may be taken in any order, but since the Business & Finance books and study material are required for both exams, it is much easier to prepare, pass, and get this exam completed first. 

(1) Business & Finance Exam

This is an "Open Book Test" utilizing 3 exam reference books with (120) scored multiple choice questions to be completed in a (6 ½) hour test session. 

(2) Trade Knowledge Exams

(Contractor Administration Exam and Project Management Exam)
These are also both "Open Book Tests" utilizing the 3 exam reference books used on the Business & Finance exam along with another 13 additional reference books. These two seperate tests will have (45) scored multiple choice questions to be completed in each of their (4 ½) hour test sessions. 

Computer Based Testing

These tests may be taken at any of over a thousand Pearson Vue computer testing centers across the country and students may schedule to take their exams at any location and on any date convenient for them. 

Our exam prep program has been designed to uniquely simulate the same testing interface, so that students may practice taking tests on their computer that look and function just like the actual state exam. This familiarity gives our students a tremendous advantage on exam day.

To view sample of state testing interface: Click here

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