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Student References:

The following recent students have offered to be on this referral list and offer feedback on their preparation and test taking experience. They are meant to provide insight, encouragement, and peace of mind to individuals interested in taking the exam and obtaining their Florida State Contractor’s License.


We thoroughly enjoy reading these comments and know you will too. You are also welcome to contact any of these individuals directly with any questions you may have regarding their individual experiences with our school, programs or the State Examination.

Alpharetta, Georgia

"I recently sat for my Florida General Contractor Exam. Thanks to your program, I passed all parts with a 90% score. I did the home study CD course and found that it prepared me very well for this exam. I highly recommend your program for success. Thanks again."


Alpharetta, Georgia



Anna Maria Island, Florida


"Last night my wife took me out for a Champaign toast for first try acing of the General Contractors licensing exam (02/08)!  I want to send all the folks at ContractorClasses.com a very sincere thank you for the services you provided me.  Your “Learning Program” prepared me 100% for the exam, and for that I’ll always be grateful.  Please use me as a reference to your program, it’s the least I can do considering what you’ve done for me!"


Arlington, Virginia


"I just wanted to say thank you and that the study material for the Florida General Contractor Licensing Exam provided by Contractor Classes, is INCREDIBLE!

In one attempt I managed to achieve and 85, 80 and 80 in the three sections on the exam. Thank you again."


Atlanta, Georgia


"The course works, I waited until the week before the April test to open the books and still passed the first try. I should have started sooner. Going at a fast pace of studying you should allow at least 45hrs. It wouldn't hurt to put at least 50-52hrs into it. I scored 85, 84, and 89 on the 3 sections.

Thanks, Contractor Classes."


Atlanta, Georgia


"I passed the December General Contractors exam. I used the material that you all provided to me online and it was truly an asset when I sat for the exam. The information gave me insight on where to find critical answers on the test and the information reviews were right on. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is considering taking this test. Without the knowledge received from your course I never would have passed. And I passed on my first try. Thank you so much for the information and program."


Atlanta, Georgia


"I haven't taken the Business/Finance yet since they split them up and I can take that in Atlanta. I won't take that for another couple of weeks.

I aced the Contract Admin and Project Management portions on Wednesday though. 95 and 96. Your materials were great."


Atlanta, Georgia


"Just passed the business and finance section yesterday with a 95.8 score. My Contract Administration and Project Management scores were 93.33 and 93.33. I am very pleased with the format an quality of your study materials and would be happy to provide a testimonial if that would be helpful. We are licensed in Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia and this was by far the best prep course that I've seen. I'm 33 years old and have been out of the "study mode" for quite a while. But, this guide gave me confidence and understanding of the material I needed, going into these lengthy exams. Thanks"


Baltimore, Maryland


"Contractor Classes was the key to my success in passing the Florida General Contractors test.

The online presentation and preparation was RIGHT ON.

If you prepare as they explain, you will pass.

My test scores were 88, 87, 94."


Bonita Springs, Florida

"Excellent course, I passed with 95, 95, and 93. The highlighting guide and pre-printed tabs made it a breeze to flip through the books and find answers."


Bonita Springs, Florida

"I was so glad to pass the December exam. Your material was very instructional. All the information on the self study guide was helpful. I was able to study at my own pace and time. Thanks."


Boca Raton, Florida


"Just a quick not to thank you for your help with my course material and for your general assistance over the phone this past month. Both my boss and I passed the December General Contractor exam with very good results. You're company promotes a Great Approach to passing the exam. Thanks again."


Boca Raton, Florida


"The home study course was just the ticket. I was able to study on my schedule and when I had the time. I highly recommend this course. I passed the April General Contractor Exam the first time and firmly believe I couldn't have done it without this style of preparation."


Boca Raton, Florida


"Passed both sections. Morning was tougher - still got an 83. Exam room was freezing cold - shirt - tee shirt & jacket were not enough to stay warm. I think that. An only one sheet of scratch paper screwed up my math portion. Anyway a pass is a pass. Thanks for your help. Tough questions seemed to be the elevator recall and water/slump/air in the concrete mix."


Boca Raton, Florida


"The test is made to not let you pass and confuse you. But thanks to Steve’s teaching methods and updates of the latest test questions, the exam was not as hard as it seemed. Again, Thank You!"


Boca Raton, Florida


"I researched many learning facilities and programs before selecting ContractorClasses.com. For me all the accolades and testimonials sold me. I selected the on-line program, tabs, etc for the General Contracting exams, and I could have not been more pleased. Passed with my first attempt (average 78. WOW, thanks Contractor Classes!!! The documentation and highlighting was dead on.


Although I do not recommend this, I only highlighted the 14 books and never practiced or took many of the offered study question or exams (Take them it is worth it!). Again I do not recommend that, however I still passed with only 12 hours of preparation! Don't cram like I did, but the online classes help and were unbelievably accurate and dead-on!


I met people at the exam who were on the 3rd or 4th try. They took other classes and I realized the other classes did not offer anything quite as good as Contractor Classes courses. I attribute my great success, with minimal devotion-effort that I committed, to the Contractor Classes group for the excellent information and exact help for preparing for these exams! Thank you for all your help! You may use me as a reference."


Boca Raton, Florida


"Just passed the GC test last week on the first try! Being a 55 yr. old women who hasn't been to school in many, many years that is a huge accomplishment for me & I couldn't have done it without this fantastic program & Steve's help, (Sorry if I drove you a little nuts Steve), but it was all worth it. Everything he reassured me about over the phone was exactly to a tee. Don't stress over the geometry, it's not worth wasting the time on it & he was right. Time is valuable for this test, so move on. A little hint is to really know your AIA Documents. I sat next to a girl who went to **** ***** ******* & she was so sorry she hadn't taken your course instead. I don't know if she passed but by the looks on her face, it's not likely. Again, I can't thank you enough Steve for this wonderful program. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in taking this test."


Bokeelia, Florida


"Excellent course - studied one week and passed with all high 80's - practice exams were the bomb as were the flash cards."


Bokeelia, Florida


"Your cd class was great. I would recommend anyone who really wants to pass the test to save their money, do not go to a four day cram class and take the time and effort to methodically go through your steps and do it correctly. My scores were 93, 95 and 85. Thanks so much."


Boynton Beach, Florida


"I loved the program, and I passed with flying colors on my first attempt! I didn't want to have to sit through long tedious classes, so I liked that I was able to review at my own pace and focus on the areas that I felt necessary. I waited until the last minute, and ended up only having about 3 weeks to study, but I was able to get through the tabbing, highlighting, review and practice exams before the exam and felt very prepared for the test. My scores were 88%, 90% & 86%. This is an EXTREMELY difficult exam, but the prep materials gave me exactly what I needed to pass. Thanks."


Boynton Beach, Florida


"I passes the exam!

Only studied for 1-1/2 weeks.

Your system was GREAT.

It was grueling though. Thanks."


Boynton Beach, Florida


"Very useful material. Well organized. All the information needed to prepare, study and test yourself before taking the real exam. Highly recommend. Well worth the money."


Blackville, South Carolina


"I wanted to let you know that I passed the June Florida General Contractors Exam on the first attempt with the help of your study at home kit. It was an extremely difficult exam, but your study aids were very well put together and covered the vast majority of items on all four parts of the exams. Thanks to you and the rest of the hard working staff at Contractor Classes for the help."


Bluffton, South Carolina


"I was always afraid of tests and I didn't believe I could pass the Florida contractor exam because I had heard how hard it was.
Well it lived up to its reputation about being hard, however with the CD study coarse I was able to pass the tests on the first time. When I went there, so many of the people told me that this was their second, third or forth time on one of more of the test sections. I would definitely recommend Contractor Classes. Thanks"


Brandon, Florida


"After ordering your course in March I put in approximately 45-50 hours, outlining, tabbing the books and working with the learning program. I passed the GC exam on my first attempt April 22 & 23. Great software! You promised & You delivered!"


Bunnell, Florida


"I passed the Business & Finance and the Project Management but not the Contract Administration. I'll retake it in August. The CD's have been very helpful in studying at home for the exams."


Cabot, Arizona


"Thanks for sending out the contractor books so quickly... I took the General Contractor exams on August 14th and 15th and scored 100% on Business, 93.33% on Contract Admin, and 93.33% on Project Management. Thanks again for all your help."


Cape Coral, Florida


"Thank You so much for the CD's, 1st time PASS!! The info was right on the money. Being a visual learner, and with my busy schedule I couldn't have learned the material any other way."


Carlsbad, California


"Just took the General Contractor test in Kissimmee (Dec 2007). It was a demanding test but I sailed through the questions with confidence thanks to Contractor Classes study program. (95, 95, 93). I think the best training I received from the study course was learning how to navigate through the numerous reference books and materials to find the answers. I highly recommend the course to anyone wanting to pass the first time."


Charlotte, North Carolina


"I made a 95 on day 1 and a 92 and 85 on day 2. Thanks."


Chattanooga, Tennessee


"Your study course worked great for me, my average was >85%. I'd recommend it to anyone especially those who are out-of-state applicants. The best advice is to start and prepare early, 8 weeks of prep time. I've taken and passed 2 additional State tests since the Florida exam."


Chelsea, Michigan


"The self study program worked very well with my schedule and work. I feel it helped a great deal in preparing me for the test. I passed with all 90%++ scores the first time I took the test. I would recommend this course to anyone that is working and has community obligations like I had while preparing for the test."


Clarksville, Georgia


"Hello, Wanted to let you know that I took the December General Contractors exam in Tallahassee over the past two days and passed all parts - 1st attempt (96.25, 83.33, 85.00)! I have no doubt that my success was a result of the preparatory course I purchased from Contractor Classes. Thanks !!!"


Clearwater, Florida


"Just want to say thanks. Passed the BC, Business and Finance with an 80%, 92% for Contract Admin and an 80% with the Project Management. Only studies for 4 long weekends. Study guides helped TREMENDOUSLY. Thanks again."


Clearwater, Florida


"The big thing I can say is GREAT PEOPLE!

I took classes from XXX XXXX School of Construction that ended up leaving me overworked, with a feeling of defeat, and a huge dent in my wallet. Their practice tests were way overkill, and did not represent very well what was on the real exam. I guess that for some people that would be motivational, but with my hectic schedule it turned into "I am so screwed"


Then I called Steve, we talked for 45 minutes on the phone. I met with him a couple days later, he again spent a bunch of time with me, mind you it was time for him to go home, he stayed late just for me. He took his time, showed me the software, offered me help and suggestions on how to pass the exam.


I finally had time to start his program on memorial weekend and as fate would have it, I had a conflict with my computer. I was devastated because I had set aside that long weekend to study. I left a frantic message on his machine and was ready to hunt him down and find his house. He called me on a holiday weekend! He walked me through the Vista issue and I was hopeful again. (I did do an experiment and used a different color highlighter for his material, and I can tell you I got most of the answers from him.)


Then as my luck would have it I got a severe neck injury the week before the test. If you were in Bradenton for the June exam, I was the big guy with heat patches and a Neck brace. I had enough oxycotin and muscle relaxers in me to lay down a horse. Seriously, I could not even sign my name, I had to erase it twice. I had no business being there.


A few days before the test, I received this nice e-mail from Becky, with testing tips. I will tell you what got me through that test, it was 2 little quotes on her e-mail.. "keep it simple, it is simple" and "you will do just fine". I was not proud of my 87.5% average, but considering the conditions and it was my 1st try, I can live with that. Thanks guys, YOU made the difference!"


Clearwater Beach, Florida


"Thank you so much for a GREAT study course! I just got home last night and I still cannot believe I passed all 3 sections on the first try! My average scores were an 87%. It was the hardest test of my life but I could not have passed it without this course! Worth EVERY CENT!


In hindsight, I wish I had studied the Table of Contents of each book better (especially the thick Builders Code) because with only 4 min per question, it is stressful to look in each book for the best section/answer.


I also recommend bookends. My books fell off the table twice. Not a lot of space on the tables!! :) No books allowed on the floor.



I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to PASS !!!

You guys ROCK!!"


Coconut Creek, Florida


"Spoke with you on the phone after my exam, and wanted to let you know how well it went. Attached please find my scores for the General Contractor Exam-I passed with amazing scores of 90, 96.7, and 98.3! I ordered my software and books in September, highlighted them through December, and then went through the “Study Question” software January-February 20, the day of the test. The highlighting guide and tabs were complete and extremely helpful; I also placed the extra tabs on unmarked pages whenever the “Study Guide” software brought up a question I hadn’t marked in my books. The test itself was very grueling to say the least, a definite test of determination and will on both days, especially the second day. But utilizing your system enabled me to track down the answers verbatim for 95% of the test. Most importantly, THE QUESTIONS IN THE SOFTWARE ARE EXACTLY LIKE THE QUESTIONS ON THE EXAM, so I was definitely ready—as you can see by my scores!! Thank you again; I know I would be taking at least one section over again if not for this system; many of my friends from Contractors Exam School, Goldcoast, and CamTech will be taking the Contract Administration portion again to try and pass in April. I couldn’t imagine waiting that long for my license. Anyone who doesn’t believe this software is guaranteed to work for them can call me anytime they want at xxx-xxx-xxxx or email me. That’s how amazing the program is. Again, thank you very much!! Next one is the Roofing License!"


Cooper City, Florida


"Thanks for excellent training for the Florida General Contractor exam."


Coral Gables, Florida


"I want to let you know that I had my exams the last two days and I PASSED all of them, even in my first time doing it. My score was:

Business and Finance 70, Contract Administration 75.5, Project Management 88.3

Thank you for your study program, it is really good and very effective. Best regards,"


Coral Springs, Florida


"The testing went great. I got 90's on all section. Thanks for the great program."


Crestview, Florida


"Nice program, very well thought out. Focuses your attention where it needs to be then inspires confidence to relax you. This is the one."


Crystal River, Florida


"I only studied for six weeks and passed my Florida General Contractor exam on my first try in September. This study material was extremely efficient and I highly recommend it, but the test was BRUTAL. Don't waste your time driving to the contractor prep-classes when you can study at your own pace and at your own convenience."


Cudjoe Key, Florida


"Passed Roofing Exam. Glad I took your class. Lots of questions (80).You had to be really good using the reference books to answer correctly. Thanks"



Dallas, Georgia


"Steve, I appreciate the well organized materials as well as your personal words of advice you gave to me. I had just 3-weeks to study before a family vacation the week before the June exam. I followed the materials, studied everyday, took a week off, then looked over the materials the night before. I passed the exam the first time with 93.75%, 92%, and 86%. Thanks Again, your program works."


Daytona Beach, Florida


"Great course! I studied for 4 weekends before the exam and am sure I would not have passed without this course. Passed with 95, 90, 90 score. I could have done better but since I was so confident, due to the course, that I was at or above a 90 after 2 hours in each session I left rather than spending the time to find the really hard to find answers. Highly recommended."


Davie, Florida


"I bought your software package and I passed the test on my first attempt 2 days ago (December 11th and 12th, 2007). By following your instructions and your method, there is no way to fail on that test. Thank you guys for your great product.... I recommend it to everyone who is thinking about taking the contractors' exam."


Davie, Florida

"This is to let you know that your software package is very good. I just passed the exam at Kissimmee on December 11th and 12th, 2007. It tells you everything that you need to pass the exam. By going through your software package, there is no way to fail. Once again, I Thank You."


Davie, Florida


"What can you say. This is the best study program PERIOD. Made answers easy to find and made the anxiety of the test go away. If you don't use this program, you will work harder and most likely not pass first time. Make the right move, go wit ContractorClasses.com"


Davie, Florida


"Thanks for a great product, and great support.
Passed all three test first time around. Business and finance 93, contract administration 97, project management 95."


Davie, Florida


"I passed the exam. Thank you very much. Your program was extremely helpful."


DeBary, Florida


"I met another gentleman who was taking the test as well, and had bought your course (I could tell by the tabs on his books). We both passed with 90%+ scores and were very pleased with the course. We both felt very well prepared. The test is grueling, but this course helped give me the confidence, and the answers! Thanks!"


DeBary, Florida


"After buying my books over a year ago, I finally registered to take my GC test. In the beginning I was overwhelmed and was worried, but as the studying went on I got more and more comfortable with the practice tests. I took a few days before the test off and relaxed. I went in to the test very relaxed and ready to take my time and not rush. I was surprised how fast I had the test done and how much time I had left to check all my answers. The second day went the same way (other than the food poisoning I had from dinner the night before). I waited for about 10 minutes for my results after the test the second day and I was very pleased with my results. My first time taking the test and I scored 90 and above on all tests. Thanks again for your DVDs and tabs! Couldn't have gotten hear without it!"


Deland, Florida


"After failing 3 times, I purchased your program and got the boost I needed to pass the exam. Not only did I pass but I also achieved high scores. Thank You"


Delray Beach, Florida


"I think after never seeing any of the contractors books before and knowing nothing about them, then following your course for only 3 consecutive days and taking the exam on the fourth day and passing with an 87% is proof enough that your program is very successful. Thanks again."


Denver, Colorado

"Thanks for the great study course. I scored 90% on the first day and 93.3% on each test the second day. Using your course, I was very well prepared. I would highly recommend your course."


Destin, Florida


"I studied in my spare time and passed with an average score of 91% when a lot of other candidates failed. Your program is amazing!"


Dunedin, Florida


"I just passed, passed on my first try with scores of 96, 92, and 90 (Aug. 08). While your CD based program prepares you well, what no one can really explain is how grueling the test is... nearly ten hours each day for two straight day! By the afternoon of the second day, my reserves were nearly exhausted and I was on automatic pilot. Luckily, your bookmarks and highlighting techniques made it simple to find the answers I was looking for. The guy sitting next to me got so frustrated that he left halfway through the last test!


I didn't realize how fortunate I was to discover your classes until they began handing out the scores 30 minutes after the last test. there were a number of people who weren't as lucky as me, and several of them had already failed at least once before! Thanks again for creating such a great program. It works and I highly recommend it, Good Luck."


Eastlake, Ohio


"All your help is deeply appreciated. When I was told that I was taking the Florida exam in 6 weeks, I thought oh my!!! It has been 40 years since I had to study like this. I did all the reading and highlighting. The test quiz's helped the most. I would be glad to let anyone know to use your system. You do need to put in the time and effort though. Thanks a million."


Englewood, Florida


"Passed all three test in the 90's. Thanks Guys!"


Estero, Florida


"Passed the February Exam!

     Business & Finance -      96.25

     Contract Administration - 96.67

     Project Management -     96.67

          Thanks for the help!"


Estero, Florida


"The program works, if you put the time in and do exactly what the program says. You'll Pass. I bought the course in August and in October I passes on my first try. I would suggest this program to anyone who wants to get it done, and done the first time! All three sections are very well covered and I was very confident on exam day."


Fenton, Missouri


"Business and Finance - 81.67, Contract Admin - 86.67, Project Management - 76.67."


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


"Thanks, Contractor Classes, I studied for 45 days and passed all exams my first time in December! Study hard, everyone can do it!"


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


"Just wanted to first THANK YOU GUYS for providing such a GREAT PROGRAM.
I want to let everyone know that I used the CD Presentations exclusively at home and did not step one foot in any classroom.
But don't be fooled, there is a lot to study. Your program was very involved but, dead on.
All the information needed to pass the test is within your program.
Now my test results
- Business and Finance 93
- Contract Administration 83 (most difficult test)
- Project Management 87
Thanks again for providing such a GREAT program.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


"The course works! I received scores of 96% / 95% / 93% respectively on each of the three sections of the April exam. If you buy the material and USE the material, you WILL pass. Thanks"


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


"This computer learning system has lots of merits. You practice daily and learn all the in & outs of the books. It is a process which requires full dedication but the results at the end are a passing score. Great system."


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


"Your course was dead on with the information on the real exam.

I've taken county exams using study material that wasn't even close to what was on the exam.

I studied for about 2 months, 2 days a week. My last three or four weeks before the exam all I did was take practice tests. On in the morning and one in the afternoon to try and simulate the actual test. I'd recommend your program to anyone who wants to pass the exam!! Thank you very much."


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


"I passed... 1st time. 83.33% on each test. There were questions not covered in the material but, because your system made you go through the books, I was able to find most of the answers. Thanks."


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


"Passed the solar with an 85%

Passed the Bus/Fin on the computer test a couple weeks ago but they only give pass/fail but I think I was in the 90s. Thanks."


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


"Great course!

I scored pretty well. Bus. and Finance 87.5%, Contract Admin. and Project Management both 90%, on my very first try.

Thank you very much."


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


"I wanted to write and thank you personally for helping me in my contractors exam I took in December in Miami. I was recommended to you by a friend who was also successful in his first attempt using you material.


I studied for three weeks prior to my exam. I studied your course with books and also your online question updates from past exams. It was more than sufficient. I passed all three areas averaging 90% all across the board AND leaving each exam period over an hour before the time limit.


Beside the program I also appreciated that I was able to call and talk to you directly about the test, licensing process, etc.

After the first day of exams I was only worried about the traffic to and from the testing site, again, I was more then prepared!


I almost felt sorry for those test-takers, clearly in a state of uncertainty, who were hurriedly comparing their answers during the lunch breaks.

Thanks again!"


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


"I had paid for two previous general contractor exam courses before finding Contractor Classes, and both times failed to complete them. Their format was to read and read. Go to their location twice per week at night to follow an instructor while he just read to us for hours, flipping pages, fighting to stay awake. Most of that time was wasted and the pace did not provide time to reflect and absorb the information. Also a waste was the belief by the instructor to have us memorize formulas which he thought were necessary to pass the exam.


The Contractor Classes program made the learning process simple and self paced. You can stop at any point and go back over any material until you are ready to proceed. All the information you will be tested on is in the books. Therefore, there is no need to memorize formulas. All you need is a good knowledge about the content of each of your manuals and the ability to find it. Steve will direct you to all the important items that the state will ask you about. Do not skip his guidance as to highlighting these passages. I have now passed all four tests after completing the program. I strongly recommend reading the AIA documents completely. Because failure is guaranteed if you do not know where find the information in them. I used my own color code system while highlighting the books. I had to pause the presentations in order to create this color code but for me, it made finding information much faster and thus saved precious time for other questions. Be patient in your preparation, and it will make you very happy in the end."


Fort Myers, Florida


"I had decided approx. 3 weeks before the exam to go for it, leaving approx. 2 weeks for studies amongst additional things like.... Life. I must say, I had reserves about taking a home study course as I hold both my Real Estate License & Life, Health & Annuities License. I had taken a home study course with the Life... License & very quickly realized I made a mistake. Not with this course, I was completely satisfied with this coarse & even in a short time, there was more than enough info with all the CD's to be able to pass the exam way beyond just a passing grade. Many thanks to Steve & staff for a great job... Now Lets Build Florida!!!! THANKS & GOD BLESS"


Fort Myers, Florida


"ContractorClases.com helped me pass the first time. I received an 80, 85, and 80. This is great because I didn't have much time to study, and this class helped me prepare in a very timely fashion."


Fort Walton Beach, Florida


"I prepared for the Florida GC Exam using ContractorClasses.com and must say that the preparation materials were fantastic. I passed in September with a collective 92%. The tools really prepared me to know WHERE to find the answers within the thousands of pages of reference material in front of me."

Framingham, Massachusetts


"I wanted to write you to let you know that I used you program to prepare for taking my Florida General Contractors Exam. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I passed all four sections and managed to complete each exam with plenty of time to spare. This program was fantastic in preparing me for a very tough test. I spoke with quite a few people who were also taking the General Contractors Exam, most of whom had attended the local training classes offered at twice the cost of your program, and most of their responses were that they had covered only 10 to 15 percent of what was actually on the exams. I can honestly say that at least 70 to 80 percent of what was on the exam was right out of your program. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product and helping me succeed in passing the toughest exam in the country. I will recommend your product to anyone who is planning on obtaining their Florida contractors license."


Gainesville, Florida


"The CD course is perfect for people who have schedules that will not allow them to sit in a more formal course. The test was difficult, and I would not have passed if not for the highlighting program. It organized the immense amount of material into manageable subsections. The study questions were incredibly helpful as well. mirroring exact questions on the exam. I was much much more confident waiting for my score than many of my exam-mates that took the traditional sit-down courses."


Gainesville, Florida


"I wanted to let you know your computer based study guide was perfect.

I purchased your study package a month ago and studies two hours per night until the exam day. I took the test Feb 17 and 18 and my scores were 83 on business finance, 76 on contract admin, and 84 on project management. Without the software I don not think it would be possible for me to pass this exam.


I was surprised to find so many questions on the test that were right out of your study material.

I would recommend this program to anyone that is planning on taking the test."


Hawthorne, New Jersey


"Taking this exam as an out of state student would have been extremely difficult without Contractor Classes. It allowed me to study from my home office in NJ as well as when I was travelling. It is a difficult and tedious exam, however the material given to me allowed me to pass the first time. Steve and his staff were available before and after the exam and whatever the question - they know exactly where to find it. Spend the time and money - you will pass the fist time. Good Luck!"


Hershey Mill, Pennsylvania


"If you put in the time, and study the process/program, you're bound to pass the exam with this tutorial system. The staff was always available to answer questions, no matter how simple or relevant my inquiry. I strongly recommend this program for anyone taking the Florida Licensing exams."


Hialeah, Florida


"I ordered your full package three weeks before the exam and spent only two weeks studying part time. Most of the questions on the test were right out of your highlighting guide, Word for Word. The questions that weren't highlighted were quite easy to find. I got a 95, 93.33, and 91.67 my first time! A bunch of the other people taking the test were complaining about what a waist of time the classroom test preps were. The test was easy for me and I never felt like I wasted any time with your program. Thank you for your help."


Hobe Sound, Florida


"The testing was not easy, but with your CD program I passed on my first try. Thanks"


Hollywood, Florida

"I can't say enough as to how well prepared I was because of the material I purchased from your company. I took a class for an entire semester at a local community college in my area however, didn't feel I was prepared to take the exam. For this reason I researched other alternatives, came across your website and what you had to offer and truly felt that your CD package was the best option. As the saying goes, "follow your instincts" and I'm so glad I did. I passed all three parts of the exam. Not only where you there for me prior to the exam but you were there after the exam when I had questions regarding my acquiring my license. I can't thank you enough."


Hollywood, Florida


"Hi Becky,

Let me begin by thanking you and everyone (mom and dad) for the material and for all of the help all of you provided after receiving my study material.  The cd package is right on target. Over all, very, very helpful. I passed both the Project Mgmt and Contract Administration (85 & 81.67) which I was very happy with. I was so pleased with my results I advertised to those who failed your product.  Even before the exam while making small talk I raved as to how good your CD package is and gave out your web-site.  I hope you don't mind, but I was so happy with the results and felt sorry for the ones who were there a 3rd and 4th time.  If there is anything I can do in terms of giving your product a reference, please don't hesitate to ask.

Now, The Business and Finance is a story in itself.  The testing center unjustifiably denied me access to take my test on Tuesday b/c my license expired on Friday the 11th.  I unsuccessfully tried to get them to use reason however, nothing.  They had me running around for 3 hours trying to renew my license.  I was so angry I went back home read the FDBPR and sure enough, all they require is a photo ID, which I had.  Nothing states whether its valid or not, but good advice for future clients.   I called and explained to them what happened (spoke to Vicki, a lovely person) and she was just as disgusted as I was so she gave me the principle contact at the testing center.  The woman at the testing center Pearson Vue (Cindy Peters) i think was more annoyed then I was  She assured me this won't happen again and that she'll make certain I can re-schedule without charge.  I'm content with the resolve (not happy) but now have to wait until the 30th to take the Business and Finance. Thanks again for all your great material.

Houston, Texas

"I cannot say enough about this fabulous program. If you truly want to pass the Florida General Contractors Exam the first time, this is the program you want to go with. Steve and his staff are fabulous; extremely patient and helpful. This program is easily followed and understood. Do not be fooled into thinking you have to go to class to pass this exam, many of the people that took the exam with me who did attend classes did not pass. If you want to pass, this is the program that will get you there!"


Jensen Beach, Florida


"Just wanted to let you know that I just passed the Florida Building Contractor Exam with flying colors this week. I received a 98.75% on day 1, 92% AM and 90% PM on day 2. It would have been impossible without your system. It worked great. The test was much more difficult than I anticipated. Anyhow, just wanted to let you guys know that everything went great. THANKS!"


Jacksonville, Florida


"Excellent information that was focused and helped me pass the October contractor exam."


Jacksonville, Florida


"Excellent course. Passed the April GC exam 1st try. Results, 100%, 100%, 95%. Highly recommend this course."


Jacksonville, Florida

"The cd study course was a great tool. The test was difficult but fair and I used every minute to take the CGC exam and passed the first time."


Jacksonville, Florida


"I attended a class through XXX Construction School, but did not pass the exam. I purchased some study material from ContractorClasses.com and successfully passed the test. The learning material was "right on point" and I have since referred this school to other friends seeking their Contractors license."


Jacksonville, Florida


"Steve, I can't thank you enough. I prepared using your Highlighting Disks, Study Questions and Finally the Practice Exams. I do not think I could have been more prepared. 92, 95 & 95 on the June Exam... No Worries. Thanks again."


Jacksonville, Florida


"Hello... I just wanted to tell you how well-prepared I felt going into the December General contractor's exam earlier this week due to the home study software from Contractor Classes. This was my first time taking the exam and I passed all three sections with scores in the 90's. The course was great with the highlighting and the tabbing. I knew where to look for over 75% of the question on the first pass... most of the remainder just took some extra searching. The course does a really good job getting you familiar with the books, which of course is the point. Just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the preparation... money well spent. I will be sure to recommend Contractor Classes to my colleagues who plan to take the exam."


Jacksonville, Florida


"I passed on the first try!

Your program was fantastic! Thank You."


Jacksonville, Florida


"The CD program is an excellent study tool for passing the exam. Without the exam review, study questions, and practice exams, I would not have passed. If I would have had more time to use the study material my grade would have been even higher. Don't do what I did, start studying as soon as you can. I only had 4 days and I passed the first time. I was lucky."


Jensen Beach, Florida


"Business and Finance - 86%, Contract Administration - 88%, Project Management - 94%.

I only had on month to study. Your program works. Thank You."


Jupiter, Florida


"Reviewed all highlighting guides and study questions in about 50 hours and scored 95% on each exam.

80% of the test questions were verbatim from the program. Used the cardboard box on its side to contain books on table during exam. Went through the familiar question first in about 3 hours (approximately 75%) keeping track with a  stop watch, then answered the remaining."


Kennesaw, Georgia


"Passed both tests. It's a miracle! Couldn't have done it without your course. Thanks"


Kendallville, Indiana


"Thank you for a great study course. I studied from August to October and passed the Florida Residential Contractor exam with an average of 86%. All of the hard work was done for me. The study questions were very helpful. I highly recommend this course to anyone thinking of taking the Florida exam!!!!"


Kissimmee, Florida


"I ordered these course 17 day before the test. you don't imagine how much it help me, if you follow the instruction diligently and put the effort, you'll pass the test. is critical on the exams; (I strongly recommend)

English is my second language."


Kissimmee, Florida


"Hi Becky, I hope all is well. I was going to click the link and follow the directions, but I didn't take all of the recommended course from you guys. I can and will write a glowing recommendation for the practice exam software. Although they were a little pricey for me. I'm so glad I purchased them. They were very detailed, and the content was directly relevant to what was on the real exam. I'm not too proud to say that I only took each once (properly). I didn't have the time to study more than the Tuesday before the test. So I took each practice exam twice actually. Once to go straight through it (20-30 mins each) and once with the books (2.5 hrs each). Absolutely no other studying. Just your CD's the day before the exam. I didn't even get the books out and look through them before Tuesday.


Bottom line..... Great information on your CD's!!!

I passed with a 76% on contract admin and 81% on project management. I know these aren't great numbers and you probably don't want to mention these on your website: but I passed. With no classes. Just my prior experience and the practice exam software I bought from you. They were perfect.


I still have to take the Business & Finance exam, but I'm much more confident now. Thanks for the great products."


Lakeland, FL


"I Passed!!!! Thank you so much... It was grueling, but the study program and advice helped immensely. To all those who are considering this program, there is more help than just the study program. I called several times and received help all along the way. Also, all the pieces of advice offered on the cd's are VERY important. Pencils... Who would have thought. Curious? Get the program. Thanks."


Lakeland, FL


"I strongly recommend the CD study program. It Works!!!

I started studying for the exam in November only weekends and passed in December with CM 93.33% and PM 93.33%. Thanks"


Lake Worth, FL


"I was upgrading my license from residential contractor to general contractor. I only purchased the practice exam software. By taking the practice exams several times each, I was able to refine my knowledge base. My State exam scores were 94, 85, and 86. I attribute my scores to the software and a very satisfied customer. Two thumbs up."


Lake Worth, FL


"Hello, I signed up for the Roofing Contractors class in January (overly ambitious) but didn't sign up for the test (got scared) until May (for the June test). I didn't study until the last week and a half (probably not the best way to do it) but the information was fresh in my head. I really appreciated how the program was put together. Hearing, Seeing and Doing helped to put it all together and keep it there and you can't beat that you are in the comfort of your own home. I have four kids so I put on some headphones and just went to school after work.... Awesome!
I easily passed on my first try. One down and one more to go! Thanks again."


Lake Worth, FL



I will be sending you another e-mail with all of my scores. Your program is the only way that I would have been able to make it through. It was probably the hardest and most grueling 2 days of test taking I have ever been through.

But I followed your program step by step and I passed two sections with over 80 and a low score of 76.

Thank you again and I will recommend your program to as many people trying to get licensed in the construction industry as I can. If you ever need anything that I may be able to help with, please let me know."


Lake Worth, Florida

"I ordered the Contractor course January 17th. It was delivered to me early evening January 18th, and I began studying on the 19th. I just took the test in Kissimmee February 14th and 15th. Not only did I pass, but I passed with a low score of 83% and a high score of 96.25%. Thank you so much for your well structured program and for the guidance and test taking hints you included to help us all succeed."


Land O Lakes, Florida


"Steve, passed the test the first time with a 96% on Business and Finance, 95% on Contract Administration and 90% on Project Management. Pretty certain I would not have scored anywhere near that without your course. There just isn't enough time for the CA and PM parts without knowing those books backward and forward. The highlighting part of your program was great. It gave me a look at each book as you narrated; a great overview of exactly what's covered on the exam. The study questions really helped though. Many questions on the exam were so very close to the questions in your course. So I knew where to look for the answers. In addition to your course, I took each book and just flipped through every page at lunch for several weeks to get a feel for the material in each chapter. This helped me to figure our where to look for any questions that I had not seen. I knew right where to look for almost everything. So, thanks again for your course and the help you have given since passing."


Largo, Florida


"As I am French Canadian, I don't see how I could have passed the state test without steve'e course. The highlighting made it easy to learn and the practice test give you the confidence that you need for the real one. I passed the first time thanks to you guys."


Largo, Florida


"Your study program is very well put together, if it is done just like it is set up and you put the time in you can pass on your first try. Studying for me is tough, I am a hands on person. I can't believe I passed. Thanks for all your support."


Largo, Florida


"Thanks for the advice to use the outline program. I was in the 80% to 85% scoring on all sections for my Residential Contractor Certification Exam. I put about 60 hours of study time in at home over a month and couldn't believe how prepared I was when I finished the first day of testing. People I talked to taking the exam at the testing site who used other exam prep company's' classes didn't feel the same way. Thanks for making the first time testing a charm."


Largo, Florida


"Becky & all, I want to thank you all for the system you have set up. It made taking the test easy (at least I can say that now lol...)

I'm very pleased with the results I achieved (85% average score). Thanks for a fantastic program."


Largo, Florida


"I just finished the testing today. I was very pleased with my results (an average score of 85%). I started the study three months ago, but my business was so busy that I couldn't take the test until now. With only on week (evenings) to refresh, I felt comfortable while taking the exam. I really liked your tab system, it made lookups a lot faster. Thanks for all your help."


Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida


"I passed all three sections on the first attempt 93, 87, and 90. The course was invaluable, I found the updated test questions to be extremely helpful."


Lehigh Acres, Florida


"I was going to go to an onsite learning school however I decided to purchase the CD software and I ended up passing all parts of the September General Contractor exam with flying colors. Spoke to several of the other students at the test who attended the onsite schools and they stated that 50% of the time in the lectures all they talked about was war stories. Thanks....."


Little Rock, Arkansas


"I just wanted to say thanks. I just finished taking the exam and I passed with room to spare on all sessions. I must say that if I had not had your prep course, I would not have passed. The past two days have been extremely stressful; but thanks to Contractor Classes, I survived. Thanks again."


Lincoln, Nebraska


"I wanted to let you people know that I did have a successful time at the testing. I passed all three phases with only three weeks of prep time. I really needed to have one more week but it worked out. Business & Finance 71.5, Contract Admin 80, Project management 76.67. With traveling from Nebraska to Florida, I wanted to make sure I could pass the first time. Thank you for making this possible your program really prepared me to do it."


Live Oak, Florida


ACED IT FIRST TIME THROUGH, 98, 94, 95, (October). Second day was tired from alarm system malfunction at hotel but was so well prepared that I passed with a 94 in the am session even after falling asleep in the exam prior to the test. I took 9 of your practice tests and feel everything I've learned to be extremely valuable, even if it wasn't on the exam. I have recommended your program to several people I met at the exam (all of whom failed by the way) who studied through other programs. Thanks Exceedingly. Mark Wilkinson (Owner ProFinish Interiors, NOW ProFinish Interiors and Construction LOL) THANKS AGAIN


Louisville, Kentucky


"I was very pleased with the at home study program. I prepared for the exam while working 10 to 14 hours per day and an additional 3 hours of driving time. I ordered my study materials only 4 weeks before the June exam and still passed on my first attempt scoring > 87% on all parts. I found the material easy to use and very applicable."


Lumberton, North Carolina


"I just finished taking the December exam. It was as advertised. I passed with an overall average of 89.

I believe that a large part of my "success" was due to the following guidelines set up in your study program. I would not have passed without your assistance. Feel free to use me a a reference."


Mableton, Georgia


"Absolutely rocked the test with minimal studying on my first time. I had heard horror stories about people taking this test 3-4 times before they past. I work 50-60 hours a week and was only able to study for about 8-10 hours a week for a month leading up to the test. I scored a 94 on business and finance, 93 on Contract Administration and 92 on project Management. CDs were extremely helpful. For other tests, I have attended several review courses that were an in-class review with monotone instructor that put you to sleep. The CDs are so much better. They allowed me to do the review on my time at my pace.   Great Program.   Well worth the cash investment."


Macedonia, Ohio


"Your program is great, it allowed me to study day or night whenever my schedule would permit."


Magnolia, Texas


"The course and the support from you and your team awarded me success. I passed the test with a high average (there were many failures). I recommend this process to anyone seriously wanting to pass their exam. Way to go!!"


Malvern, Ohio


"I was a client of Contractor Classes in 2006. I found all their study guides and materials very professional and easy to follow. With my winter work schedule I was able to dedicate about two months to study and prepare for the most brutal exam I have ever taken, and I have been involved in the Construction Business for 30 years! I passed all parts of my exam on the first go round. I credit this success to two points: (1) Having excellent study material. (2) Having the time to spend to study and prepare."


Margate, Florida


"How do I begin to thank you? The course was everything you said it was and more.

The CD's were easy to follow and the highlighting tips were great. I passed the first time without any trouble.

Steve and Becky were just a phone call away and never once was I ever put off to the side. They answered my calls ASAP and were so helpful and there on the spot with there support, just WONDERFUL people. I highly recommend anyone interested in taking the General Contractor Test not to waste time with other programs. Contractor Classes is the one that works."


Melbourne, Florida


"Thanks. The detailed organized format that contractor classes put together made the Business and Finance part of the exam a breeze. There was a significant difference in my score and my comfort level as related to the Business and Finance you prepared me for and the specialty/trade exam I prepared for on my own. The difference made me really appreciate your material, it was money well spent. I look forward to now finishing up and taking my building contractors exam."


Merritt Island, Florida


"I did pass the December test for GC with an 88 in Business and Finance, 73 in Contract Administration and 85 in Construction Management. It was a wonderful early Christmas gift. I enjoyed this computer class and not having to schedule live classes and practice sessions. I have already begun recommending it to others. Thank you Steve & Staff for your program."


Miami, Florida


"I just passed my state of Florida's General Contractor examination, and without a doubt I owe a great part of my success to the materials & course from "Contractor Classes". The course and materials are of the highest quality. Everything is very well organized and extremely well presented. I found the ability to prepare at home (with full telephone support when needed) to be the most effective manner to prepare for this test. The practice sessions, test and latest examination questions prepared me well beyond what I could have done had I just purchased the books and studied by myself. If you are truly serious about preparing and passing your GC examination, this course will be the single most important thing you will do in achieving that goal - worth every Dollar. Thank you for all your help Steve, and thanks to all the folks at Contractor Classes."


Miami, Florida


"The information provided on your CDs covers the full spectrum of all the course titles and texts, I'll recommend them highly."


Miami, Florida


"Would just like to say thank you for the help, testing was easy, everything went great. Great program. Thanks again."


Miami, Florida


"The tests were brutal but, the study materials more than adequate. If you have faith in God, Pray, Make the time, Follow the instructions and Use your common sense, you can make it. I passed on my first try."


Miami, Florida


"Excellent program, I passed December GC Exam. My scores were 87.5, 83.3, & 88.3. The test was very difficult. This program is the BEST. Thanks, to Contractor Classes and Staff."


Miami, Florida


"I tried other classes but thanks to your help, I finally passed the GC exam in December. I strongly recommend your program. This is the best material by far. Thanks."


Miami, Florida


"I just want to say thank you for your help. I passed the exam of April in Miami at first attempt with 80, 90 and 92, and have to know the limitation of the idiom. My English is not very good, but your program is excellent for success. Thanks again."


Miami, Florida


"I contacted Steve on several occasions, and he was always very helpful. I simply followed the courses instructions and easily passed the first time."


Miami, Florida


"I think a person can follow the highlighting guides, study the locations of where to find the information, take a few practice tests... and then pass the state exam every time. This program was "Dead On"!!! Thanks."


Miami, Florida


"Your system worked perfectly and I passed the first time with over 87% and 90% in each section. Your self-study program was best for me, no time lost driving to any classes. Whenever I called, you answered any questions I had. I thank you and highly recommend your program."


Miami, Florida


"Estudiar, estudiar y estudiar. Este curso te ayuda mucho a lograr tu objetivo. Yo use el curso online por casi dos meses y a pesar de estar en English pude pasar en mi primer intento, examinandome en English tambien. La verdad es dificil pero no imposible. Estoy muy satisfecho. Gracias Contractor Classes"


Miami, Florida


"I did very well (got 90% in both parts). Most all the questions in the exam were covered in your course.

I thought I would have a bit of a hard time finding the information on the books, but I was surprised as to how fast I was able to find the answers!

I commend you on the course preparation.

Next Friday I will take the business and finance portion of the test and hopefully will be able to do as well."


Miami, Florida


"I would like to give Thanks to everyone at Contractor Classes.com !!!!!

Your studying program definitely made a difference and really prepared me for the exam. I felt very confident. Thanks Again."


Miami, Florida


"Thank you for all your help. This course is a very effective tool for success."


Miami, Florida


"The useful and precise material that is enclosed in this Learning Programs is wonderful. I recommend the program in full and if you use it, you will be glad because it is the best investment that you will ever make. Thanks Once more. (Contractor Classes) Good Job and keep working."


Miami, Florida


"Only with your program could I pass my test. Thank you for the excellent course. Finally I'm a Florida Certified General Contractor."


Miami, Florida

"I passed all 3 building contractors exams in June with more than 85% in each exam and just because of your good material.
You just need to study to pass. Thanks"


Miami, Florida


"I had purchased other study programs for this test and did terrible on the exams.

I passed this time with scores in the 80's.

Your study program was PERFECT.

Thank you so much."


Miami Gardens, Florida


"I would like to take this time to thank you for helping me to be better prepared for the Business and Finance Exam. "I PASSED"

Thank you."


Micanopy, Florida


"Dear Becky and Everyone Else at ContractorClasses.com,

My husband, had a North Carolina contractor's license 20 years ago before we moved to Florida in 1989.  It had taken him two tries to get that license, but he had passed the test up there after taking a short one-semester class at a local community college.  He's been a carpenter all his life, but had started getting into a little bit of contracting homes before we moved.  Then lots of life happened (including adding 4 more kids to our family which already included 3 kids when we moved here) and he never seemed to have the time to study for the Florida test, which he had heard was MUCH harder than NC's test and he never was a very confident test taker.  He kept hearing that the only way to really prepare for it was to get a 2-year community college degree - not even close to an option for him while he was busy supporting a growing family. 

He had a few really good years lately doing trim carpentry, then the bottom dropped out of the housing market last year and to top things off, at the end of March he fell off a roof (doing his first pressure cleaning job to make up for lost construction income) and landed on a concrete driveway, breaking his leg in 4 places.  After the doctor told him it would be at least 3 months before he was walking again, he decided this was the time to work on his Florida contractor's license.  But he needed a program of study that he could do in short sessions over a period of time, one that didn't require him to go to "cram" classes somewhere - after all, he was confined to a wheelchair and couldn't even drive for several weeks. 

That's where you all came in. With your computer-based program, he was able to sit in a recliner with his foot elevated and highlight the books and study the practice exams and study questions on the computer as the pain allowed him (he had to keep getting up and rolling around in the wheelchair to control the discomfort and keep from falling asleep!).  I was just glad to see him using his time for something other than feeling sorry for himself, and decided that this alone was well worth the price of your course.

He decided to try taking the June 17-18 test in Orlando instead of waiting until August, even though he knew he would not be allowed to put any weight on his foot by then.  So we packed up his wheelchair and his books and even our desktop computer for some last-minute study.  He hadn't had time to study the flashcards or some of the exam and study questions disks by the time the test date came, so we were thinking the June test would most likely be just an expensive practice session and thought he would be back again in August after some additional study time.

What a wonderful surprise when he opened his envelope and saw these grades - Business and Finance - 71.67%,  Contract Administration - 73.33%,  and Project Management - 86.67%!  He passed the very first time!!!  What a happy, happy moment for both of us.  It was the perfect ending to our 31st anniversary!  (We were married on June 18, 1977.)

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts,


Middleburg, Florida


"I was able to study at my own pace and at my own convenience. I passed the first time with a score of 89%. Thanks"


Miramar, Florida


"There is just one word to describe your study system (all books and cd's)... Amazing... I got it on June 28, 2008 and after 4 to 5 hours daily I passed the exam on August 12-13, 2008 with 90, 95, and 98... The most important is to be very familiarized with all the books and review all the study questions and flashcards,,, Thank a lot!"


Miramar, Florida


"Business & Finance  82.5%

Contract Admin          83.33%

Project Management   88.33%"


Monroe, Connecticut


"Just had time to review the two Highlighting CD's & used the tabs. 91%, 86%, 86%, Thanks"


Mont Dora, Florida


"I want to express my sincere thanks for helping me pass the State Contractors Exam. I had 3 weeks to study and passed with a 96, 93 and 97 on the first try. And I did not have to sit through any boaring lecture classes! A special thanks to your great phone help line. I was prepared!!"


Montgomery, Alabama


"I just completed the Florida exam and scored above 90% on all sections. The highlighting guide and pre-printed tabs were extremely helpful. Almost every "look up" question was covered by the information that was highlighted and marked with a tab. I could not have been mores satisfied."


Naples, Florida


"Piece of cake! Passed all sections with nothing less than a 96. Finished each section with more than an hour to spare.

Due to a project closeout, bid dates and a family health emergency I wasn't able to get as much review as I would have liked. I even considered pushing my test back for the next go round. But the practice exams gave me the confidence to stay in it. They also showed my areas of weakness. So I was able to focus my efforts and only needed to have my lap top and one or two books to make effective use of my time. Had I not had the flexibility that this system allows I would likely have quit the class and pushed the test. I'm somewhat torn in giving this feedback, but at the end of the day this program helped me out. So go to the classrooms, sit in the cram session, staple your post its, I don't want the competition!"


Naples, Florida


"I recommend this course to anyone in need of passing this test. I am in the middle of starting a business and had very little time to study, let alone go to any classes. Studying in the evenings for 3 weeks prior to the exam, I was able to achieve scores over 90% on all portions of the exam. (the exam was much more difficult than I anticipated). Thanks!"


Naples, Florida


"Excellent Course! I was prepared and passed the first time in April with 93%, 96%, 98% scores. I spoke to others taking the test with they were lost when it came to the information. They went to xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx cram course. They were amazed how soon I was able to complete the exam and have plenty of time to go over the questions a 2nd time, just to double check. I would highly recommend this course to anyone. Thanks to everyone."


Naples, Florida


"Just wanted to send a note - our department bought two exam review courses. It was great being able to review the material on our own time and continue working - we have a very busy office. I took the February exam and Peter took the June exam - we both passed the first try. The review course was certainly a big part of our success. Thanks"


Naples, Florida


"I passed the June test with an average of 89.15%

Having the material and being able to  study using the CD's at my leisure is what made the difference. From Highlighting guide, flash cards and sample test, it all worked great.

I really recommend the computer based training to anyone - very intuitive, well done..."


Navarre, Florida


"The practice tests were instrumental in my success on the Certified General Contractor exams. I passed all three exams the first time out. The exams were brutal but not brutal enough, as long as you have the quality study material provided here. The practice exams were exactly what I needed to learn the books, all in the comfort of my own home. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to take the exams. Thanks Contractor Classes.


New Castle, Pennsylvania


"The info you provided was right on. Thanks"


Nokomis, Florida


"I passed both tests. you are correct when you said it was a grueling day. I have scheduled to take the business and finance section this Friday. I'll let you know how I do. Thanks"


Norcross, Georgia



Thanks for all the help."


North Miami Beach, Florida


"Steve, you were very polite and helpful on the phone. I ordered the learning program, and with 4 days of study aced the April exam.



P.S. But why would I expect less from a GATOR GRADUATE!"


North Miami Beach, Florida


"Dear Becky,

I got 87 on all three sections. Thanks for all the support."


North Port, Florida


"Your course is a great starting point for the exam. The test questions on your practice exams were right in line with the actual test. The Highlighting is very helpful, it gets you familiar with the books. My advice to anyone taking the test is "Study" and then when your done studying, study some more!... I got a 92 average on all tests. Thanks. Great Job Guys..."


North Venice, Florida


"Thank you so much for such a great tool. I only had six weeks to prepare for the test and studied every day after work for two hours. Many people at the test had gone to the "cram courses" and the classroom type schools. Not only were they disappointed with the information they had been taught, but could not retain, and many failed.


I passed with a 92, 95, and 89. I love the challenge of taking tests, but this one was tiring. It was very long and had the potential to be overwhelming. Knowing where to find the answer was the key, or you get bogged down with frustration. Also having the course on my laptop was a big help as I was able to take it with me and review the night before instead of sitting around idle and stressing. Thank you again, I know I could not have passed without your course!"


Ocala, Florida


"I wanted to take a minute to say thanks for a thorough program. I passed all three sections on the first try in April. The test was completely exhausting, but I knew that I had the information that I needed. I had most of the information marked and had enough familiarity with the books to find the rest. After going through everything once, I was able to tailor my studying to what worked for me and increase my comfort level."


Ocala, Florida


"Contractor Classes gave me all the information I needed to pass the exam the first time."


Ocala, Florida


"I took the test on Wednesday and passes with an 80. If I had not took your class, I would have had no chance of passing. Thank You for the awesome prep course."


Ocala, Florida


"98.33% Business and Finance, 94% Contracts, 94% Project Mgmt."


Ocala, Florida


"I just wanted to thank you guys for a very well rounded study program. I ordered your total CD/Book package in mid October, MONEY WELL SPENT!!! I just went for my CGC exam in Kissimmee on Dec. 11th & 12th and am Proud to say I came out on top with a 82.5%, 70%, and 83.33% on my first try. Thanks Again. Could not have done it without your program."


Ocala, Florida


"Passed April exam first time. This is a very good course and I'll recommend it to everyone. A lot of people failed that used other exam prep courses. This course really teaches you to navigate all 15 of the books. That means NO surprises test day. Thanks Guys."


Ocala, Florida


"I would like to express my appreciation for the help and the extension you gave me that allowed me to pass the Florida General Contractor's exam in October. I will recommend you to others I come in contact with that require your services. Again Thank You."


Orange Park, Florida


"Very Good Course. Passed all sections of the Exam first time out with no problems. Thanks"


Orange Park, Florida


"I couldn't have done it without your in-home study program! I have 3 school age kids, I run a household, and work part-time for our family building business. Your program allowed me to stay home to study. I haven't taken a test in 20 + years and boy was I nervous, and math is NOT my "thing". But because of the highlighting guide, practice test, AND the ONLINE extra questions (at least 3 were on the test word-for-word!!!) - I passed the General the FIRST TIME! You really can pass if you just know your books! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"


Orlando, Florida


"I am a very happy customer of Contractor Classes, and thank you for your help. I took the Building Contractors State test in April, after studying your material for the previous 2 months. I passed on the first try. I have to say the test was by far the hardest I have ever taken. The poor guy sitting next to me was on his third try and the class he took he paid a much higher fee then what Contractor Classes offers it for. You can defiantly use me as a reference."


Orlando, Florida


"Wanted to let you know that the Exam Prep Package I received from you was a great success on my first attempt taking the General Contractor Exam for the State of Florida. The biggest advantage was NOT sitting in a class for 5 grueling days before the exam and then sitting for the exam for another 2 long days. With the CD's loaded onto my laptop, I could study at my own pace and when I had time available each day. I received the books and CD's approximately 4 weeks before the test and I spent about a total of 40 hours at my pace going through highlighting and practicing the study questions. Also, Kelly and Steve were always there when I called with a questions. Much Appreciated!"


Orlando, Florida


"Staff responded very well to all inquires. It is easy if you follow the advice given. I spent less then 50 hours of study and passed the September General Contractor Exam with 93, 98, and 88. I did not spend much time on the flash cards or practice exams. I doubt that you can get a better deal than this. Steve is great!"


Orlando, Florida


"Hi Becky. This is xxxx xxxxxxxxxx and I am letting you know that I passed my roofing contractors exam. I did very well on the Business and Finance section but barely squeaked through on the roofing trade knowledge part. I really like your program and give all the credit for passing the first test, but wished that you had courses available as well, for other trades. Anyway thanks for the help, I couldn't have done it with out ya."


Ormond Beach, Florida


"Study guides were right on mark. Made 95.8 on Business & Finance and 94 and 98 on the Contract Admin and Project Management portions. Great program for anyone taking the exam."


Osteen, Florida


"I recommended your program to everyone I spoke to. What other people spent to study and the stress of doing it in a cram session or having to go somewhere every weekend or evening is crazy. I was completely prepared and very relaxed. Thanks"


Palm Bay, Florida


"Thank you for providing the materials necessary for my GC exam. I am pleased to say that I passed with a 93%, 90% and 91%. With the help of your system, I found the test very manageable. Best Regards."


Palm Coast, Florida


"Thanks for the great courses! I learned at my own pace and excelled at the General Contractors Exam in one of the most brutal exam sessions ever! The material was well organized and presented and I confidently knew where to look for each answer during the course of the exam."


Palm Coast, Florida


"The course structure was just what I needed. I was very comfortable with the self-paced CBT style of learning. The highlighting commentary was refreshing and right on target. The practice exams were good preparation for the test, but could be a little harder (the real test was somewhat more challenging). Bravo on a job well done."


Palmetto, Florida


"The course was terrific and paid off tremendously! 87.5%, 95%, and 96.67%."


Palmetto, Florida


"Passed! Thanks for everything."


Panama City Beach, Florida


"I appreciate your help so much. I did not have some of the questions on my test that we covered, But, I was so well prepared with all of the books, and what information is in each one of them, that I could find what I needed. I knew where to look. I also knew what to watch out for and what kind of mistakes I was making from the practice exams. I passed and I know that I could not have done it without the preparation I received from your course. I really suffered through the Contract Administration portion of the exam. It was the most difficult thing I have done in a while. Childbirth seems easier, but I was prepared and was able to pass. It was definitely worth it."


Panama City Beach, Florida


"I just wanted to let everyone at contractor classes know that I passed all 3 parts of my exam on the first try with flying colors. 81, on business and finance, 85 on contracts and 89.3 on project management. Thank you all for you help. The course did fit my natural study habits. I studied for about 5 weeks 4 or 5 hours a day."


Pembroke Pines, Florida

"Even though I did not have the time to study much of your course material, I passed. I have to say that just using your highlighting course was amazing, and a wealth of info. I could not have passed without it. Thanks again."


Pensacola, Florida


"Passed the June Builders exam - 1st time; 94%, 90% and actually 100% on the Project Management portion. Couldn't have done it without this course and Steve was always there when needed. This program is the way to go."


Pensacola, Florida


"Thanks to your excellent test prep materials I passed my General Contractor Exam on the first try - with flying colors!"


Perry, Florida


"THANKS. This course was extremely helpful. The highlighting guide gave me a good understanding of how the reference books were laid out, and the practice test were a big help by giving me the confidence to find the answers. I got a 93, 95 & 95, on my first attempt! THANKS AGAIN!"


Plantation, Florida


"The highlighting lectures bring out the key points to review and the study questions create a better understanding of this material. The flash cards then drills on the look up and finding the answers. The practice exams allowed me test myself find areas you need help with. With these features, the whole package gives a total understanding of the reference books and ensures a pass on the exam. Thanks"


Plantation, Florida


"The highlighting lectures bring out the key points to review and the study questions create a better understanding of this material. The flash cards then drills on the look up and finding the answers. The practice exams allowed me test myself find areas you need help with. With these features, the whole package gives a total understanding of the reference books and ensures a pass on the exam. Thanks"


Punta Gorda, Florida


"Every time I had a question I called. Every time I called someone answered. Every answer I got was correct and very helpful. I could not have done this without you and thank you."


Pompano Beach, Florida



How can I thank you and Steve enough? I passed all the exams and scored in the 80's on each. My average score for all of the testing was 85.25%

  • I did not have the full week to take off and sit in a week-long course.

  • I wanted to take is slow and steady so I could actually remember and use some of the information I was learning.

  • For better retention, and with my workload during the day, I needed a way to study the course at my discretion.

  • The format on the disks and using my own computer, at my pace, at my convenience, was critical to my success.

  • The highlighting guides were extremely valuable. It was just like being in an excellent classroom course but doing it in the comfort of my own environment.

  • The material was clearly identified and the examples that Steve went through for some of the questions was instrumental in helping me not only pass the test, but understand many things that will actually benefit my career.

  • The study guide questions format was sensational. The fact that it allowed a review of the results and a chance to recognize areas of weakness was extraordinarily helpful.

  • The practice tests were the "coup de gras" I was able to actually EXPERIENCE the type of questions and in the time frames allowed during the test. I can not think of a better way to end the preparation process.

  • You both were always there to answer my questions on the phone.

  • You were extremely prompt in getting my product orders to me. EXTREMELY!

  • Steve has a friendly voice and I felt like we became friends even though it was all on disk.

  • The ability to select which page of which book you wanted to review ... at any time... was also a great feature.

What else can I say? I am 52 years old and have not been to a school testing situation for ages. Everyone I spoke to told me how grueling and hard the test was and how many people fail... and continue to fail. needless to say, stress was well established inside of me. Bottom-Line: Your program WORKS! (As if you didn't know it!!)  I am proof! If the student puts in the time, and does what you suggest... success is imminent! Thank you both so very much for making this experience a positive adventure."


Ponce de Leon, Florida


"Your study program works. I practiced for two weeks and passed my test, First time. When I first started my test, it was hard but then I remembered what you said in your program. Take a break, walk around go to the bathroom, and it works. The stress can get you down. It's a hard test, but with your program people will pass. Sitting in classroom is not as easy as studying on your computer, taking practice tests, etc. Thanks for the help. Money well spent."


Port Allen, Louisiana


"I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to ContractorClasses.com for aiding me in passing my General Contractor Licensing test on the first pass. The entire program is very user friendly and informative. I could not have been better prepared. My test scores are as listed below:

Business and Finance: 90%

Contract Administration: 93.33%

Project Management: 88.33%"


Port Charlotte, Florida


"The course structure was just what I needed. I was able to study in the comfort of my home when me schedule allowed. I did not have to allow the time or additional money to go to the other "day" classes like many others did. The flexibility of both time and the ability to review problem areas easily made the difference. I passed the first time, 95, 86, 98! I highly recommend your program, and the tab set. Thank You!"


Port Saint Lucie, Florida


"very good school found. a lot of their question so very close. i pass with high 80, even do english is my 2nd language and is a broken english. too bad they only teach for general, residential contractors, hope in the future they do more trades. Thanks"


Port Saint Lucie, Florida


"My review is simple. If you take this course, you will pass the exam. I would not have passed without it, however by properly applying the course I got mid 90's on both days. Listen to these review if you want to pass. You don't need to search around to compare. This course does it, period."


Port Saint Lucie, Florida


"I PASSED, I was in a room with hundreds of people that used every type of course you could buy , I began to wonder if I made the right choice. I work 60hrs a week in the field, and only devoted 3hrs a day for three weeks to study. But in the end, I passed. The test was easier than I thought it would be. The study guide was on target, the tabs you get were the key. many people had hundreds of little yellow tabs, I thought to myself, I didn't have enough. but in the end .they were the right amount .I could get around my books very well and I passed the very first time. You will see people there, that have been there 3,4and even 5 times and when you get the magic envelopes they still did not pass. I would recommend this course to any body that is serious about passing. I spent $ 1600.00 on this class. Sounds like a lot huh. Crash courses cost thousands , You learn a lot but you cant find your way around your books because you never used them. They talk you to death!  The books alone, will not help much, the tabs, and the disk will make it so easy, study at home at your own pace, then when you are ready, just sign up and do it in one  try.


P.S. I am getting ready to sign my first contract a 7 million dollar deal.

Thanks to ContractorClasses.com"


Port Saint Lucie, Florida


"The study course was great and I passed with no difficulties. I would recommend your course to anyone who is interested in fast-tracking the exam."


Port Saint Lucie, Florida


"The program was very helpful, especially the practice exams. Those exams allowed me to become familiar with the books and how to find the answers. Thanks!"


Port Saint Lucie, Florida


"Your system helped me very much to learn the material. Thanks"


Riviera Beach, Florida


"I want to truly thank your staff for the excellent study program. I'm still amazed at the vast information that was covered on the cd's, it was so HELPFUL. I passed the Residential Contractor exam in October 2007. I had so much of the pertinent information tabbed in my books it guaranteed me success and confidence. THANKS SO MUCH!"


Riviera Beach, Florida


"The entire study program was a great help for me. I was able to pass my test the first time. The highlights, tabs and study cd's were great. It allowed me to be familiar with the books, to know where and what to look for, which is most important. Without the helpful highlights and instructional testing material I would have been lost. Highlighting with tabs are the really important, the study questions, than the practice tests, in that order. All are needed to pass the exam. The example Business Administration test is exactly the same procedure as the actual test which made me very comfortable. The staff was always very helpful. Whenever I had questions they would always respond. Thank you for everything!"


Rockledge, Florida


"I will attest that the Contractor Classes home study CD program was the key to my success in passing my June GC exam with high scores. Also, I appreciate all their patience with me when ever I had questions."


Rockledge, Florida


"Thank you for providing an excellent instruction package. I purchased the CD's about six weeks before the exam. I took the 'pilot' computer business and finance exam one week before the scheduled two day exam and passed, so I only had to take the second day written exam one week later. Scores were 96.67 on contracts and 93.33 on project mgmt. Your course helped me get very comfortable navigating the books. I may have done more reading than necessary, however, my goal was to learn information that I can use to become a better contractor for my clients. Thanks for a great program."


Rotonda West, Florida


"The home study course was just the ticket. I was able to study on my schedule and when I had the time. I highly recommend this course. I passed the October Builder Contractor Exam the first time and firmly believe I couldn't have done it without this style of preparation."


Rotonda West, Florida


"Becky, I am just dropping an e-mail to let you guys know I passed my CGC on the first shot with great grades. I want to thank you guys for all your help and to KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK."


Royal Palm Beach, Florida


"English is me second language and without your classes i won't be able to pass in this exam. One of my beloved friend Joepy introduce to me your program, giving self-confidence to dig the books every time, everyday, and I passed. Thanks"


Saint Augustine, Florida


"The program works compared to other classes which can cost much more. This program trains you to know where to locate the information. I passed the first time. Put the time in studying so you get used to flipping through the books so you know where to find it. Not an easy test but doable. Thanks!"


San Antonio, Texas


"I was very apprehensive about the Florida Certified General Contractors exam, having heard stories from many others. I only had 30 days to prepare and decided on a home study program. After surveying what was available I settled on ContractorClasses.com. Their program taught me the material. but more importantly, the method to find the answers. The tests are difficult but with their program I scored 95% on all three sections. Thank you ContractorClasses.com."


Sanford, Florida


"I passed the General Contractor exam on my first try in June 2009, with the following scores:
     Business & Finance 96%,
     Contract Administration 92% and
     Project Management 100%
Thanks ContractorClasses.com"


Sanford, Florida


"Becky; I did reply to the anonymous survey and submit a comment, but wanted to reply in person as well.

I am so very pleased with the preparation I received from your software program. I actually knew most of the answers before I looked them up. For the question I didn't know, I was certain of where to find the answer. And out of the three tests, I think only 2 or 3 answers were not already highlighted and been covered in your program! I was very pleased with my scores as well. I made a 95.8 on the Business and Finance (missed 5 out of 120), a 91.67 on the Contract Management (missed 5 out of 60), and a 100 on the Project Management. And I finished every test in half the required time or better. Thank you all very much."


Sarasota, Florida


"Did great! 87, 93, 90. Your course was a great help!"


Sarasota, Florida


"Becky, I just want to thank you for the exam information. The money I spent for preparation was well spent. Again, thank you for helping me with passing my exam."


Sarasota, Florida


"Just a quick note to let you know i passed all sections for the general contractors exam with high 80's on all sections on the first sitting. The program rates as the best tool anyone can put to use in aiding yourself to sit for the exams."


Sarasota, Florida


"Passed both parts; 88 on Contract Admin and 94 on Project Management.

The Project Management was a bear. Thanks."


Sarasota, Florida


"This program was perfect. I was really nervous about the GC test and this program gave me the confidence I needed. I got a 91, 90 & 88. I highly recommend this program to anyone who must pas the test."


Sarasota, Florida


"Took the test in Sarasota 24th & 25th and did great. Already having a busy business I would never have been able to set aside the necessary time to attend a conventional classroom course. Most of my free time (when there is any) comes late at night or early in the morning. The course was easy to follow in spite of my demanding schedule. I do sort of miss the class picture though... eh not really!"


Sarasota, Florida


"Well a short note to thank you guys. I took the December test and passed with ease, the first time, after taking your home study class. I needed to telephone you for a little help a couple of times and someone was always able to answer my questions. It is definitely all about studying hard and watching the wording of the questions. Just like you said "Fatigue" is also a very big factor. Anyway, Thanks..."


Sarasota, Florida


"I already have my Residential contractor license so I didn't have to take the Business day exams. However, I did pass the first time on my Residential and this time I took my General and passed first time. I spent $3,800 the first time I took the Residential test and didn't score as high as I did this time using Contractor Classes. You need to study hard, but this class is exceptional! I would say 25% of what was on your practice tests were exactly as on the actual exam. After using your Flash Cards and re-taking the practice tests, I must admit, I knew where everything was and I scored a 90% and an 88% the first time! I truly recommend this class to everyone. Thanks."


Spanish Fort, Alabama


"I passed with ease 94 / 88 / 86. The program was great"


Spring City, Pennsylvania

Being from Pennsylvania, classroom preparation wasn't an option. The CD-Software was all that I needed. Between the tabbing and highlighting guides, navigating the books was easy. The practice questions improved my knowledge and allowed me to achieve an overall 94 on the October exam.


Spring Hill, Florida


"Hello Becky. Well today was the day. I realized first thing in the morning that I should have studied a lot more. However, I passed on the first try. Several people failed that went to other schools. Some people thought I was crazy for choosing an online course, but in the the end I passed and they are trying again in April. Thanks a million. The course was excellent and worth every penny."


Spring Hill, Florida

"Excellent program, it is everything and more the advertised, (rare today) and the support is immediate and fantastic.

Thanks so much for your help!"


Saint Charles, Illinois


"I passed 91%, 94% and 85%

Thanks for all your help! You are right, it is very exhausting! I won't be able to sit for a week! Oh my Arse!

If I were to recommend anything it would be to add more examples of math questions. From studying your program, I didn't have any trouble at all with them. But, that seemed to be the most talked about issue with other candidates at the test.

Awesome class! Thanks again."


Saint Mary's, Georgia


"I only took the Business and Finance classes as part of the Plumbing Exam and was very happy with the home study CD's.
This was very well put together and was EXACTLY what I needed.
After seeing the total JUNK other schools sold my friends, I knew I purchased my stuff from the right people.
I will always recommend you guys. Thanks again."


Saint Simons Island, Georgia


"The folks at ContractorClasses.Com were very helpful via phone whenever I had questions. The course was very easy to follow and the material was very up to date. I scored even higher than I had expected to. I have and will continue to recommend this course to anyone considering taking the exam."


Stafford, VA (Washington DC)


"Thanks this program worked great. Both my wife (an engineer) and my self (an engineer) both bought the books (she won't share) and did your program. I have taken more tests in different states than most anyone that I know. Your computer program works very well. We do work for several major clients that demand that we travel across the US and Europe. We are not worried about high passing scores, we are worried about making money. Your course helped us easily pass the test first try. Thanks. And we did it from the comfort of our own office. (oh, by the way we passed in the 90s on all test, however 90's don't make any more money than 70's). Call me with the profit and loss statement. Thanks again."


Stuart, Florida

"Please find attached my passing test scores for the General Contractor examination that I finished yesterday. Though I did not get a chance to do the flash cards or the practice exams I believe your program is very well thought out and did a great job preparing me for the examinations. Thank You."


Sunrise, Florida


"Studying at home is easy. I put in more hours than anyone who attended classes. My study hours were at my schedule. The test was long, but easy."


Sweetwater, Tennessee


"Study Materials were an accurate cross section of the tests. I passed the October exam with an 84%. Best tab set in the testing class by far."


Tallahassee, Florida


"I finished testing yesterday and my scores were a 90 on Business & Finance, 85 on Contract Administration, and a 97 on Project Management. his material and techniques in this course are right on target and easy to follow."


Tallahassee, Florida


"I passed the Builder's exam with a cumulative score of 92. At the exam I talked with several unhappy people who took a "cram course" over a weekend, and said they "wasted their money". This course is set up so you can work on studying and absorbing the huge amount of material- 15 books worth- over a 2-3 month time period. Sure, it can be done in less time, but it can't be done in just a few days. The point is- in order to pass, you need to know the content of the reference books- this course helps you get that done on your own time."


Tallahassee, Florida


"What an amazing course! I passed all portions of the exam last week on my first try. My scores were 82, 71 & 85. This is by far, the best course, of the many available, that properly prepares you for 19 grueling hours of examination. Most of the other test takers were exhausted from the crash courses other schools offer right before the test. Not me. I took this course in the comfort of my home in my own time. The 10 CD course, books and tabs were everything I needed to be 100% ready to pass this test. My only regret was not finding this course before spending my money on other schools. Thank You!!!"


Tampa, Florida


"It was my first time taking the exam and after hearing from others how difficult it was, I turned to Contractor Classes for their assistance and their home study guide. It was the best decision I made and worth every cent invested. I passed all three parts the first time around with very generous scores. Their material was very informative and concise in all the required areas. I highly recommend them. My thanks, to Contractor Classes and Staff. Could not have done it without you."


Tampa, Florida


"I sat for my CBC in June of 08 and passed with no problem. Took the roofing exam in June 09 and passed. Steve's learning program is unbelievable. If you want to pass your contractors exam on the first try then Contractor Classes is by far the best. Thanks."


Tampa, Florida


"I'm happy to report that I passed all three parts in the last three weeks after about six weeks of preparation reviewing the program study guides and practice exams. My scores are as follows:

Business and Finance 82, Contract Administration: 97, Project Management: 93."


Tampa, Florida


"Just wanted to let you know that I sat for the Residential General Contractor Exam the past 2 days and received the following scores:

     Biz and Finance: 99%

     Contract Admin:  91%

     Project Mgmt:     96%

Thanks for the great CD self study course. It was nice being able to go at my own pace instead of giving up 8 hrs a day on a weekend and nights."


Tampa, Florida


"Thought I would e-mail to let you know that I took your course, passed and received my GC license. The course was great and I was able to work at home and at my pace - since I was holding a full time job during the day. I now run my own company and have over $500,000 in work under contract. Thanks again..."


Tampa, Florida


"I passed my General Contractors exam with this system in February 2008. I also passed the Roof Contractors exam with this program in December 2008. I would highly recommend these programs to anyone looking to pass the exams. Thanks Steve!"


Tampa, Florida


"The study questions were the key. Good job contractorclasses.com and Thank You."


Tampa, Florida


"I have been a builder for 25 years and worked a couple of hurricanes, this test is more painful, trust me.

The best advice of this course is to listen to the teacher, VERY KEY, listen to the personal and mental advice and spend a little more time reading past what you highlight. They are going to change more often and increase questions. They change one or two words "Out of quotation" of the materials you have a general trick. This course is fantastic, especially if you are in a situation like myself where "Time is of the essence". Thanks again, especially for the tips, the humor and not giving up, because this is the toughest test you will ever take."


Tampa, Florida


"Steve, I wanted to write and thank you for the quality course that you provided for the contractors exam. Your methods and instructions were extremely helpful in the preparation for the test. I averaged a 95% for the test and even received a 100% on the Contract Administration portion of the test on the second day. I heard from several people on how they had attended a cram course the two to four days before the test and then had to sit through two long days with the test. I believe that this is a mistake. I again appreciate your help and would be willing to be a reference (if you need one).

Just answer two questions for me.

1. The number of minutes a piece of 1/2" type drywall adds to the fire rating of a wall.

2. The number of screws wherever it was on a 8/12 pitched cold formed steel building.

I looked for these forever. Thanks again."


Tarpon Springs,  Florida


"The tests were brutal, and the sessions were long, but after studying for only a week and a half, 4 hours a day, I passed the April test, first time around. My "tablemate" at the exam, (who took a classroom type study courses), failed all three sections. Thank You."


Tarpon Springs,  Florida


"I did great. I scored in the low 90's on all three tests. Thanks"


Thomasville, Georgia


"I could not have done it without this program (Home Study). Running a full time business (12-16 hrs per day) and preparing for the Florida General Contractors Exam !!! Never would have happened with out this course.... Many Thanks...."


Toledo, Ohio


"The course is well worth the investment. I passed all three exams the first time. I would recommend this course to anyon looking to get a Florida Contractors license."


Traverse City, Michigan


"Passed the December exam 1st time. It was a hard test with little time. Your course helped me to be organized and be able to locate needed information quite easily. Good luck to your future students. Thanks for My success."


Troy, Alabama


"I really appreciate the CD program. I could study on my time and the program works!!! Thanks for the help! Contract Administration 95, Project Management 98."


Utical, NY


"I passed. Contract Administration 95%, Project Management 91.67%

I take the Business and Finance exam next week. So far so good.

Your home prep course was well worth the money. I would recommend it to anyone taking the exam. Thank you."


Valrico, Florida


"This course WORKS. I work fulltime and was able to study at night at my own speed. I passed the April test the first time. Beats spending thousands of dollars to sit in a class and miss work. Contractorclasses is the BEST!!

Thanks for everything. :)"


Vancouver, Washington


"I followed the program as per the CDs I purchased from Contractor Classes. Spent a total of about 50 - 60 hours to prepare and passed all three exams on the first time with avg. over 90%. Very good program."


Vero Beach, Florida


"The CD and Highlighting tips were wonderful. The pressures you place on yourself are your greatest enemy. Do yourself a favor - follow the program and you will pass it the first time."


Vero Beach, Florida


"Hi Guys!

I can't thank you enough for the incredible prep material. This is my fourth state certificate exam. I am a state certified fire fighter, real estate broker, and now I'll add Certified Building Contractor to that list because of the no-nonsense, down to earth approach of your material. I passed the first try 92.5%, 88%, (70%, my fault, I panicked and forgot the principles taught in your course). I would gladly recommend your course to anyone considering contractor related licensing.

Thank You so much and God Bless!"


Vero Beach, Florida

"Passed all parts of the CGC exam on the first try. Course is great for independent students. Quality of course material is excellent. Tabbing and highlighting is an extremely effective preparation technique. I would highly recommend ContractorClasses.com"


Wellington, Florida


"This program was awesome. I particularly like the convenience of studying in my home yet still having access to instructors like Steve via phone. I passed the first time with 80, 74, 85 on the December exam. Thanks!"


West Chester, Ohio


"I passed in April on my first try. It wasn't easy and without having the skills taught in the CD program it would have been impossible. Knowing where to find the information is the key. There were people around me on all sides that were there for their 3rd, 4th and 5th attempt at passing. Thank-you."


Weston, Florida


"The CD program was a great help with the daunting task of approaching the 14 books required for the GC exam. I scored a 95% on the Business and Finance and 80% on each of the other two. The Contract Admin and Project Management parts were hard but not impossible. The coverage that the books received during the training was right on the spot as I was finding more and more answers on the sections of the books covered.


I highly recommend this program. One thing, no program would do it for you, I spent three months studying an average of 4 hours a day (Mon-Fri). Then the last week, I averaged 8 hours a day taking practice  tests. Maybe I over did it. Maybe you can do it with less, but at the end, the only way that you can do it is if you put in the time.


If you follow the CD course diligently and put the effort, you'll pass the test. Taking practice tests will help you with your timing skills. Timing skill are critical on exam day. The four exams at 4 hours and 45 minutes each are meant to break but the most determined of people. Anxiety and fatigue are definitively the enemy. The time is more than sufficient to find the percentage of answers needed to pass, but you have to manage this time properly. The orientation disk gives great advice on how to do this. I followed it and IT WORKED!!!


Thanks to Contractor Classes. Every time I had a question, they were available. Good luck to all of you reading this message. You too can do it."


West Palm Beach, Florida


"The practice exam disks were a great help in passing the exam. Don't think I could have done it without them. Great asset. Thanks a lot."


West Palm Beach, Florida


"This was the first attempt for me to take the General Contractors exam.

I passed all parts with and average score of 91.

This never would have been possible without the course materials from Contractor Classes.

Thank You!"


West Palm Beach, Florida


"I had passed parts 1 and 3 and had to retest part 2. The help and advise from everyone at contractor class was just the right help I needed to pass part 2. Thanks for your time and help. I will recommend your classes to anyone I know wants to take the classes."


West Palm Beach, Florida


"The course was great and very easy to use. I aced the December G.C. exam the first time with a 98, 92, and 95. I had not taken a test since high school which was 20 years ago. Thanks for all your help whenever I called for questions!!!"


West Palm Beach, Florida


"I should do one of your documentaries on how great the program was.

First try for me. Scored 93.3, 93.3, and 88.3



West Palm Beach, Florida


"I just passed the Contract Admin and Project Management exams, thanks to your program.
I'm going to send you very good comments after I take the Business and Finance exam.
Thank you very much for all your support."


West Palm Beach, Florida


"I passed the Business & Finance test thanks to you. 93% of the questions on test was in your CD's. I didn't even have to open the books.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."


Wesley Chapel, Florida


"I strongly recommend the self study learning program, I was working in Salt Lake City during my studies and then flew back to FL for my exam. I followed the study tips and exam tips to the letter and passed my first time out in December. I'm not going to say that it wasn't difficult, because it was by far the hardest test I've taken. But, well worth it. Good Luck!"


Wheeling, Illinois


"Thank you all for your help. I passed the Business and Finance via computerized learning center. I also passed the second day day test. Great learning program you have."


Windermere, Florida


"I passed the Contract Administration with a score of 93.33% and the Project Management with a score of 95.00%. The self study course was exactly what I needed. I was fully prepared and finished quickly compared to most of the test takers. I highly recommend this course for the Florida GC Exam."


Zephyrhills, Florida


"This course works. I passed my first time 92, 82, & 80. I haven't taken a test in 21 years. My high school GED. Studying at your own pace is great. The test is very tough, but it works. Thanks to ContractorClasses.com. my dreams are coming true."


Zephyrhills, Florida


"I appreciated the CD presentations and information for look up. I found that the test was very close to the underlined sections that were reviewed in your program. Thanks"



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