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Florida Contractor Business & Finance Exam Why Choose ContractorClasses.com

How is the Contractor Classes Program so Successful?

Advanced Training Technology

Our learning program uses cutting edge technology to incorporate features and interactivity that are simply impossible to achieve through “workbooks”, “cram sessions”, and “webinars” many other schools provide. We offer Video Lectures, Graphics, Multimedia Exhibits, Customized Feedback, and many other interactive features in a learning format that is easy to use and extremely convenient for working professionals.  This program has proven to be highly successful and is much more enjoyable than a traditional in-class environment, because it engages the student in the learning process and targets their individual learning needs.

Directed Study

Our philosophy is to teach our students only what is covered on the exam.  Why waste time learning lengthy estimating formulas you don’t need? Or complex calculations that aren’t on the test? We review the exam continuously and all of our study material stems from real test-taking experience, not technical writers or the faded memories of retired contractors.  Our advanced learning platform allows us to effortlessly update our program to reflect the content currently covered on the exam. This gives our students a tremendous advantage and ensures they don’t waste countless hours studying outdated or irrelevant material.

Comfort & Convenience

Taking our program saves students from wasting both time and money travelling to classes and sitting through grueling lectures.  Because you can view all of the features of our program from any computer or mobile device, in the comfort of your personal surroundings, you’ll have more time and money to use on the things you really want to, like your job, family and personal life.  And, unlike a classroom course, you can review any material you need to, as often as you need to, until you have it mastered. No wonder Contractor Classes has proven to be the Number One Choice of the Working Professional.

Instructor Support

Every member of our staff is extremely knowledgeable about the exam content and questions, licensing requirements, and study techniques.  We are always just a phone call away to assist you as you prepare.  We have an open door policy at our office and no appointment is necessary.  Additionally, live classroom instruction is available for optional registration.  No matter what you need, we have you covered.

Competitive Pricing

Contractor Classes is the premier provider of Florida Certified Contractor exam preparation. Through this specialization and large sales volume, we are able to offer the most comprehensive program at the most competitive price. Check out other schools and you will find higher prices for the exact same Exam Reference Books.  Not to mention, much higher prices for inferior study programs and programs where you have no idea what you’re getting before you buy. While our program is an absolute bargain in the market place, its value is incalculable. See for yourself by signing up for a FREE Demo today!