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Practice Exams (Contract Administration)

"Practice Exam" Modules: 
Unlike other schools that only create one (typical) practice exam, our revolutionary system will randomly-generate a new set of questions each and every time you launch a module and utilizes the exact same content criteria the State uses to compile the real test. 

This program will generate a unique "Performance Assessment" which isolates incorrect questions and provides (Detailed Explanations) to ensure students know exactly how to derive the correct answers. Easy-to-read graphs show the student's areas of proficiency and areas of weakness, along with where their speed is on target, or where they are too slow. This state-of-the-art tool gives our students a systematic approach to review & master the required exam material and increase their scores. 

Because most contractors are active individuals out & about in the field each day, the experience of sitting in a cubical for 6 hours straight, taking a State certification exam on computer is very stressful. Especially when they have never used, nor ever even seen, the computer program they are being tested with. Our students have a tremendous advantage because our proprietary "Practice Exams" were designed to explicitly match the real State exam. It has the same look, features, and functionality so our students can practice using this program BEFORE they sit for the real deal. 

Note: For piracy protection reasons users are restricted to 5 openings per module. 

In fact this module is such an invaluable tool that even instructors at competitive schools encourage their students to purchase this program to pass the exam.

        View this video for more information:

Price: $75.00