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Business-Exam "Math Review" Module

Business-Exam "Math Review" Module

There are always several involved math questions on the Business exam and the test taker needs to have a basic understanding of these topics. Our Math Review Module will help students with calculating interest payments, retainage, depreciation, payroll, percentage of completion method of accounting , financial rations, etc.

Because some of these problems can be very time consuming and your exam time is limited it is important to understand that you should not waste too much time on exam day on complex problems with lengthy solutions. You need to have a basic understanding and learn to do quick estimates to find the most likely solution.  If you have extra time at the end of your exam you can always go back and do a more detailed calculation to ensure you selected the right answer.  Remember, a quick look-up question has the same point value as a long estimate question.

This math review module will teach you how to work through each problem in a fully detailed manner to find the exact solution, as well as tips for doing a quick estimate to find the closest answer choice quickly.


Price: $75.00