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Exam Reference Book Set (Business & Finance and Trade Exams)

Exam Reference Book Set, (August - December 2017)

     -AIA Documents: (A201, A401, A701)
     -Builders Guide to Accounting
     -Florida Contractors Manual
     -Code of Federal Regulations. OSHA Title 29, Part 1926
     -Building Estimator's Reference Book
     -Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures
     -Placing Reinforcing Bars
     -Principles of Commercial Construction
     -Application and Finishing of Gypsum Panel Products
     -Energy Efficient Building Construction in Florida 
     -Building Component Safety Information 
     -Florida Building Code, Building
     -Florida Building Code, Residential
     -Florida Building Code, Existing Building     
     -Florida Building Code, Accessibility     
     -Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation 


To View Florida States List of Required Exam eference Books: Click Here

Price: $1,350.00