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Florida Contractor Business & Finance Exam Why Choose ContractorClasses.com

Our Learning Program is the most comprehensive available, we pinpoint the content currently covered on the test and over 96% of our students pass their examination on the first try.

Learning Program

Learning Program:

Our "Learning Program" consists of the following suite of learning modules, which may be purchased individually or as a complete package. The complete package is the most popular choice and it comes with a significant discount.  Skip down to the Complete Package.

"Exam Review & Highlighting Guide" Videos

Our narrated "Exam Review & Highlighting Guide" Videos walk you through each of the required "Exam Reference Books", reviewing the concepts from these books that are currently being covered on the exam and explaining the problem-solving techniques that you must master to do the math problems on your test.

These presentations also pinpoint "Answer Passages" to highlight and critical pages to tab for quick location. You may review each section at your convenience, on your own schedule, at your own pace, until you have mastered the required material, and using the latest in computer-based-training technology.

"We do not simply give students endless pages to read like other schools!"

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Interactive "Study Questions" Modules:

Our "Study Questions" are extremely realistic and will be very similar to the questions that you will see on exam day. Every question in our innovative program is accompanied by a "Hint" and "Detailed Explanation". For tough estimating or mathematical problems, we've also included  "Narrated Solution Presentations" that are attached right to the question for your convenience.

These features will ensure that you learn how to work through each problem and find the answer to each and every question on your exam. In the event that you do not fully understand any material, you are encouraged to call us at your convenience and one of our helpful instructors will be happy to review or explain any concepts you're struggling with.

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"Flash Card" Reviews:

Time is of the essence on exam day! The "Flash Card" Review component of our Learning Program is designed to help you develop and hone your search procedures, to select the correct reference book and pinpoint the correct answer pages quickly and efficiently. This review shuffles all questions by book to challenge your skill level in picking out key words and navigating your books with confidence.

Students who train with our Flash Card Review modules are "Up-To-Speed-To-Succeed" on exam day. 

Florida State General Contractor Exams Flash Cards image

Randomly-Generated "Practice Exams":

Unlike other schools that typically create one mock practice exam for their students, our revolutionary system randomly-generates a new set of questions each and every time you launch the module, utilizing the same content criteria the state uses to compile the real test.

Upon completion, the system will generate a unique "Performance Assessment" that isolates incorrectly answered questions and provides detailed explanations to ensure students know exactly how to derive the correct answers. Easy-to-read graphs will display the student's areas of proficiency and areas of weakness. It also indicates where their speed is on target and where they are answering questions too slowly. This state-of-the-art tool gives our students a systematic approach to review and master the required material and increase their overall exam scores.

Because most contractors are active individuals out and about in the field each day, the experience of sitting in a cubical for 6 hours straight, taking a computer-based state certification exam is very stressful. Especially if they have never seen or used the computer program they are being tested on. Our students have a tremendous advantage because our proprietary "Practice Exams" were designed to explicitly match the real state exam interface. It has the same look, features, and functionality so our students can practice using this program BEFORE they sit for the real deal.

In fact, this module is such an invaluable tool that even instructors at competitive schools encourage their students to purchase our randomly-generated practice exams.

Note: This is a legitimate practice exam and the student needs to set aside the appropriate amount of time to take a full and complete exam to get meaningful results.  For piracy protection reason users are restricted to five opening per module.

Florida State General Contractor Practice Exams image

Optional Classroom Instruction

Optional Classroom Review:

Over 15,000 students have successfully utilized our advanced home-study program to pass their exams on the first attempt, and validate the quality and success of our school every day. You are welcome to review their comments and even contact graduates yourself on our References Page.

However, we also offer the same exam review lectures in a traditional classroom setting as an additional option. Our live classes are offered based on the number of interested attendees, so please call for availability. The majority of our students do not feel they need this additional review once they have completed the online program.

The choices for locations and dates of the optional live classes are listed below.

Florida State General Contractor Classes Orlando image

Orlando, Weekend Classes $200
(10 days before Exam)

Time: Saturday & Sunday, 8am - 5pm
Location: Rosen Centere
9840 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819

Register Now >>

St. Pete College, Night Classes $600
(Two nights for four weeks)

Time: Tuesday & Thursday, 6 - 10pm
Location: St. Pete College, Epi-Center
13805 58th Street North
Largo, FL 33760

Register Now >>

Books and Tabs

Exam Reference Book Set:

You can purchase the Exam Reference Books at a bundled and discounted price.

Florida State General Contractor Exam Books image

Business & Finance and Trade Knowledge Exams Book Package

  • AIA Documents: (A201, A401, A701)
  • Builder's Guide to Accounting
  • Florida Contractor's Manual
  • Code of Federal Regulations. OSHA Title 29, Part 1926
  • Building Estimator's Reference Book
  • Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures
  • Placing Reinforcing Bars
  • Principles of Commercial Construction
  • Application and Finishing of Gypsum Panel Products
  • Energy Efficient Building Construction in Florida
  • Building Component Safety Information
  • Florida Building Code, Building
  • Florida Building Code, Residential
  • Florida Building Code, Existing Building
  • Florida Building Code, Accessibility
  • Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation

To view the State of Florida's list of required Exam Reference Books: Click here
To purchase any of these books individually: Click here

Quick Location Tabs:

Our professionally printed tabs are absolutely the best available. They are continually updated to reflect the most current exam content. They're also large, easy to read, and uniquely color-coded for efficient use. BLUE tabs will direct you to pages related to the common math problems and formulas you need to know. BLACK tabs pinpoint pages of common look-up questions. And, RED tabs identify pages to start a keyword search (Table of Contents, Indexes, Glossary's etc.). This instructor-developed collection of over 350 tabs will be one of your most valuable tools on exam day, allowing you to flip directly to the correct pages quickly and easily.

Florida State General Contractor Exam Book Tabs image

Pre-Printed‚ Exam-Approved "Quick Location" Tabs

Package Discounts


Learning Program Package:

This package is designed to give a student who already has books and tabs an all-inclusive offering of our full "Learning Program" at a bundled and discounted price.

Florida State General Contractor Exam Learning Program image

Learning Program Package:

Save $625
Learning Program (All 10 Modules) $1,225
Discount  ($625)
   Learning-Program Package $600


Exam Prep Package:

This package is designed to give a student who is just starting out, an all-inclusive offering of everything needed to pass the Business & Finance, Contract Administration & Project Management exams: our acclaimed "Learning Program" with "Exam Reference Books" and "Quick Location Tabs", at a bundled and discounted price.

Florida State General Contractor Exam - Exam Prep Program image

Exam Prep Package:

Save $700
Learning Program (All 10 Modules) $1,225
Exam Reference Book Package    $875
Quick Location "Tabs"    $100
   Exam Prep Package $2,200
Discount  ($700)
   Exam Prep Package $1,500


Exam Prep Package: (with Rental Books)

This package is identical to the one above, except instead of new Exam Reference Books to add to your personal or professional library, it includes a set of Rental Books that must be returned to our school after you pass your exams. You get two exam cycles (4 months) to return the books.  It includes our "Learning Program" and a set of "Rental Reference Books".

Florida State General Contractor Exam - Exam Prep Program image

Exam Prep Package (with Rental Books):

Learning Program (All 10 Modules) $1,225
Exam Book (Rental)    $175
Exam Book (Deposit)    $975
   Exam Prep Rental Book Package $2,375
Discount  ($400)
   Exam Prep Rental Book Package $1,975
Refund upon Rental Book Return  ($975)
   Final Cost $1,000

Rental Books are in limited supply.
Please call for availability before ordering.
(888) 405-7849

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